Idyllic Fall Destinations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Salem | Brett Wharton

Fall is a bustling season in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, drawing tourists for their captivating autumn settings and vibrant foliage. If you’re planning a trip out East this season, let’s explore some of the best fall destinations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Lenox, MA

Lenox is a small, historic community in the Berkshires celebrated for its incredible arts scene. During autumn, it transforms into one of the country’s premier fall destinations for admiring stunning foliage and spectacular rural trails. Also, Lenox hosts top-notch fall festivals.

Newburyport, MA

Newburyport is a historic community on the water with a picturesque harbor, a charming downtown, and an excellent food scene. This scenic destination has a uniquely pleasant fall setting. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the water or visit farms and pumpkin patches nearby. 

Great Barrington, MA

Great Barrington, nestled in the Berkshires, is a charming little city renowned as a premier winter skiing destination. However, fall has just as much to offer in this mountain-framed community. Great Barrington has a quaint Main Street and scenic surrounding hiking trails that provide phenomenal panoramic views.

Concord, MA

Concord has a fascinating history stretching back centuries. When visiting Concord in the fall, you can appreciate its remarkable architecture and explore numerous historic sites against the backdrop of stunning autumn scenery. History buffs will find it fascinating to visit Old North Bridge, where the British fired one of the first shots of the Revolutionary War.

Old North Bridge, Concord | Christopher Ryan

Salem, MA

Looking for a spooky getaway to embrace the Halloween season? Consider visiting Salem, the notorious site of the 17th-century witch trials. Salem dedicates numerous events to its spine-chilling past. Visitors can experience ghost tours, haunted houses, Halloween festivals, and pumpkin patches for a truly unique fall experience.

Salem | Ruth H Curtis

Plymouth, MA

Plymouth is another idyllic seasonal getaway for American history enthusiasts. Recognized as the landing site of America’s first pilgrims, it is a coastal hub with a distinctive charm. During the fall, Plymouth and its surrounding areas offer excellent agricultural attractions, including cranberry fields, apple orchards, and cornfield mazes.

Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod is renowned for its delicious seafood, pleasant beaches, and acclaimed golf courses. Although summer is the primary tourism season, Cape Cod in the fall is a worthwhile visit. With haunted history tours and local Oktoberfests, this charming destination fully embraces the autumn spirit. 

Cape Cod | A n v e s h

Warwick, RI

Scenic waterways surround the historic city of Warwick, one of Rhode Island’s largest communities. Visitors can enjoy spooky fall festivals, vibrant autumn foliage, and apple picking at local orchards, which all combine to create Warwick’s classic fall atmosphere.

Warwick | Thomas Werneken

Newport, RI

Newport, a well-known summer destination in Rhode Island, is distinguished by its stunning Gilded Age mansions and spectacular waterfront scenery. During the autumn season, Newport has fewer crowds, but there is still plenty to enjoy. Harbor cruises continue to operate, spooky ghost tours are available, and local farms offer hayrides.

Newport | Michael Denning

Providence, RI

Rhode Island’s capital and largest city is a year-round destination with pleasant public parks, delicious restaurants, and world-class museums. Visitors can enjoy both urban and rural fall experiences, from sampling fall flavors at local restaurants to venturing just outside the city to visit pumpkin patches and apple orchards. 

Providence | Michael Denning
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