How to Enhance Your Home’s Lanai

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A lanai, a Hawaiian-inspired covered outdoor space, often extends off the back of a home. It offers an ideal setting for entertaining, relaxing, and unwinding with loved ones. Consider the following concepts to enhance your home’s lanai:

Ensure Practicality

When designing a lanai, prioritize practicality. Since a lanai is outdoors, it is susceptible to the elements. Design the space with this vulnerability in mind to avoid furniture damage from rain and to maintain a comfortable temperature. Many people incorporate fire pits to ensure usability regardless of the season. 

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Make Lighting a Priority

Lighting is a crucial consideration when decorating an outdoor space. Ensuring your lanai is pleasantly lit at night is essential. Some homeowners love the look of string lighting, while others opt for weather-resistant lamps. Consider the possibility of overhead lighting as well. 


Relax with Swing Seating

A lanai provides a space to relax and unwind, and many homeowners aim for a distinctly tropical ambiance in these areas. Implement swing seating to add a relaxing and tropical element to your lanai. Choose from a variety of swinging furniture options, such as a comfortable hammock or suspended chairs. 

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Multiple Levels of Entertaining Space

Ensuring your lanai is a welcoming and communal space is essential if you plan to use it for hosting. Multiple levels of entertaining space will create a pleasant, spacious feel. One effective way to achieve this is by adding sunken seating, which creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. You can also include entertaining spaces such as bars and countertops for a more open vibe. 

Nature-Centric Materials

Lanais provide a great way to connect people to nature and the outdoors. Use earthy materials to lean into the nature-centric feel. Incorporating wooden accents is a popular choice to create a soothing and zen atmosphere. Plants serve as an excellent design feature too, enhancing the lanai’s beauty.


Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls are part of the 60-30-10 rule. Some home designers claim that 60 percent of your room should feature a dominant color, 30 percent should be a secondary color, and 10 percent should be the accent wall. This accent wall serves as a colorful addition that stands apart from the other colors. While many homeowners implement bold accent walls indoors, they can also be a striking addition to an outdoor space like a lanai. Having an eye-catching addition that distinguishes itself from the rest of the space can help make your lanai a unique standout. 

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