High-End Texas Community Welcomes The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Courtesy of Howard Hughes

The Woodlands has consistently been ranked as one of the most sought-after suburbs in the United States. This stunning community, home to approximately 120,000 residents, consists of 28,500 acres north of downtown Houston, 28 percent of which is green space. Renowned for its luxurious amenities, tranquil parks, and scenic lakes, The Woodlands is a highly desirable area that is about to become even more appealing. Recently, Howard Hughes Holding Inc. announced an exciting new development of private residences in the community, stemming from a partnership with Ritz-Carlton: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, The Woodlands.

The Ritz-Carlton brand immediately evokes luxury and elegance. Renowned for its high-end hotels, private residences, and resorts spanning across multiple continents, it is one of the defining names in comfort and hospitality. Hand-picked by Howard Hughes as a partner, they will work together to develop a new and luxurious multi-residence property in The Woodlands. 

“We are pleased to officially announce The Ritz-Carlton as our brand partner for the private residences in The Woodlands, reflecting our enduring commitment to exceptional design and developing unique living experiences unparalleled in Houston’s real estate market,” said Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region at Howard Hughes. 

Once residences at The Ritz-Carlton, The Woodlands arrive on the market, they will likely be among the most sought-after residential options in Texas. Situated on the last remaining large-scale residential site on Lake Woodlands and drawing inspiration from the architectural elegance of significant Texas estates, the final product will include a limited collection of personalized and opulent residences. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, The Woodlands, on eight acres, will stand out with an on-site restaurant and a suite of first-class amenities. It will be convenient to bustling commercial areas and breathtaking outdoor attractions. 

This development will be another exceptional addition to The Woodlands, which has blossomed into a distinctive choice for Texas homebuyers. Originally established in 1974, the community has rapidly evolved into a residential hub, offering abundant shopping destinations, offices, and an array of delicious dining options. It will certainly be worthwhile to keep an eye on the result of this collaboration between Howard Hughes Holding Inc. and The Ritz-Carlton.

“Howard Hughes shares our steadfast commitment to top-tier quality, incomparable design, and unparalleled service,” said Sarah Khalifa, Vice President, Mixed-Use Development at Marriott International. “We look forward to working with them to bring this groundbreaking residential development in The Woodlands to life.”