Explore These South Carolina Cities with Delightful Downtown Areas

Spartanburg | Zac Gudakov

Many of South Carolina’s vibrant downtowns are hotspots for dining, shopping, and entertainment, representing the best each city offers. For those looking to enjoy all that the state provides, let’s explore the following South Carolina cities with delightful downtown areas: 


Charleston, a renowned historic city on the water, features incredible architecture, a globally acclaimed food scene, and gorgeous waterfront parks. Its bustling downtown includes the French Quarter. This charming neighborhood showcases cobblestone streets, pastel-colored houses, and other well-preserved historical buildings. 

Charleston | Alexander Wark Feeney


Camden is a pleasant little town with a rich centuries-old historical background. Its renowned downtown is a cultural center that offers superb art galleries, terrific shopping destinations, and delicious eats. With boutique stores, antique shops, and artisan goods, visitors could spend days browsing and still find something new to enjoy. 


The bustling city of Aiken boasts an extensive and celebrated history of horse breeding. Steeped in natural beauty, Aiken houses one of the country’s most spectacular urban parks. Downtown Aiken’s historic district has much for visitors to enjoy, including lovely fountains, picturesque architecture, and immaculate landscaping.

Myrtle Beach

Known for its Grand Strand coastline, top-notch golf courses, and tourist attractions, Myrtle Beach stands as a premier vacation destination. Myrtle Beach’s unconventional downtown is a bustling boardwalk, with over a mile of exciting restaurants and entertainment options.

Myrtle Beach | Drew Perales


Greenville, a busy urban center in South Carolina’s Upstate region, features thriving food and art scenes, appealing downtown parks, and acclaimed entertainment venues. Downtown Greenville has numerous shopping and dining options alongside a range of attractions, including an excellent zoo and several captivating museums. 

Greenville | Brad Shortridge


Conway, a historic community just a short drive from Myrtle Beach, hosts Coastal Carolina University and exudes lively college-town vibes. The city’s charming downtown reflects its rich history through well-preserved buildings and monuments. Amid this historical backdrop, visitors can explore a variety of quaint local businesses and savor delectable offerings from quality restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. 

Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet is a seaside community with abundant natural beauty and a long maritime history. Its lively downtown area is well worth a visit, comprising an impressive stretch of local businesses along the water and world-class restaurants that showcase the city’s reputation as a destination for seafood.

Rock Hill

Rock Hill is a historic city near the border with North Carolina. Old Town Rock Hill, the city’s downtown area, is a haven for foodies and shopping enthusiasts and has a classic, all-American look with brick buildings and tree-lined streets. 

Rock Hill | Karolina Bobek


Spartanburg, a city in the northern part of the state, served as an important manufacturing and railway hub. Today, it is a charming and unique destination with an outstanding arts scene and breathtaking natural settings. Downtown Spartanburg features dynamic music venues, delicious culinary destinations, and intriguing museums.

Spartanburg | Zac Gudakov

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