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Let’s delve deeper into why Greater Boston stands out as one of the premier places to reside in 2024.

Trending Neighborhoods

Back Bay and Beacon Hill, boast an abundance of lifestyle amenities and unique features that make them ideal for settling down. 

Nestled amid panoramic landmarks, Back Bay invites exploration with its walkable, tree-lined streets, rich historical and cultural tapestry, and ample shopping and dining destinations. From numerous art museums to verdant city parks, and striking sculptures, this neighborhood exudes an irresistible charm that captivates both residents and visitors. 

Not far away in Beacon Hill, residents enjoy lovely cobblestone streets, cultural institutions, and the bustling Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Adorned with antique lanterns and featuring a winter skating pond, Beacon Hill perfectly combines old-world charm with modern flair. 

Commonwealth beckons with its cultural centers, shopping districts, and the historic John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. This delightful neighborhood, home to several parks and gardens, offers many opportunities for connecting with nature.   

Unique Home Styles

Boston’s distinctive array of picturesque home designs sets the community apart, placing it in a league of its own. Prospective homebuyers have plenty of amazing architectural styles to choose from, with Federal, Queen Anne, and Second Empire being among the most beloved. 

Federal-style homes in Boston, typically two-story houses featuring symmetrical designs, red brick facades, and classical columns, blend the city’s quaint ambiance with historical influences. Beacon Hill is a prime locale for indulging in the timeless appeal of Federal-style homes.  

Queen Anne residences blend luxury and grandeur with charming asymmetrical designs. Found on streets like St. Germaine and Greenwich, these historic homes feature steeply pitched roofs, wraparound porches, and ornate decorative details. Due to their historical significance and age, Queen Anne homes may be harder to purchase, as they were typically built around the start of the 20th century.

Inspired by French design, Second Empire homes are known for their opulent, spacious interiors and distinctive mansard roofs. Many architects incorporate Second Empire styles into their designs, often featuring ornate detailing and elaborate facades. Homebuyers can find these grand villas in neighborhoods across Boston, including South Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge. 


Real Estate Market Trends

In a recent February article, HousingWire reported that the Greater Boston area is currently the nation’s hottest housing market, with the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area emerging as a focal point of activity. Homebuyers are eager to secure property in this bustling metropolis, driving competition to unprecedented heights, with offers surpassing asking prices and traditional home inspections often being waived. 

This surge in demand has propelled housing prices in the Boston real estate market to increase by 1.4%, with the median home sale price standing at $735,000, per Redfin data from February this year.

According to a recent article from Norada Real Estate Investments, despite rising buyer demand, sellers in Greater Boston are adapting to current market dynamics by adjusting asking prices to match inventory levels. This has led to increased competition and multiple offers from cautious buyers. With demand still outpacing supply and limited inventory, it appears that the real estate landscape in Greater Boston will continue to favor sellers in the foreseeable future.