Examining New Construction Trends in Oklahoma City Homes

Avel Chuklanov

Although every development in Oklahoma City showcases unique features, certain similarities unite the new construction homes emerging throughout the city. While not every new construction property falls under this umbrella, several trends appear to be exceedingly popular. Let’s look at some prominent new construction trends in Oklahoma City homes.

Ranch-Style Properties

As we examine the new constructions in Oklahoma City, one prevailing feature consistently catches the eye: the widespread popularity of ranch-style homes. A substantial number of the city’s new construction homes favor this style, consisting of a single-story layout with a low roofline. Ranch-style homes also emphasize a horizontal footprint rather than vertical construction. 

Modern Farmhouse Homes

The modern farmhouse is another home style that you will repeatedly see in Oklahoma City. This style is a spruced-up version of a traditional farmhouse design with modern flourishes, such as sleek lines and a black-and-white color palette. This combination gives these homes a pleasing blend of contemporary and rustic elements. 

Expansive Lawns

When many envision urban living, they often picture a concrete jungle dominated by towering buildings providing little outdoor space. However, the typical new construction in Oklahoma City defies this stereotype by offering expansive front lawns. Residents of these homes have their own private green space, allowing them to create gardens, play catch, and customize their outdoor area.

Detached Homes

Oklahoma City sets itself apart from many big cities through its housing focus. While townhouses and condominiums are abundant throughout the city, the primary emphasis in new developments appears to center on detached houses. Oklahoma City does have a vertical skyline, but, unlike densely congested cities such as New York or Boston, it features a more spread-out community, allowing developers plenty of space for detached options.

Earthy Materials

Oklahoma City’s new constructions tend to maintain an earthy aesthetic, achieved through the materials used to build them. The majority of homes incorporate wood, brick, and stone, giving them a natural appearance. Although many houses embody more contemporary materials such as stucco and glass, a significant portion appears to favor a timeless look. Developers may draw inspiration from the city’s rich history and its proximity to nature when selecting these materials.

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