10 Cozy Living Room Ideas and Tips That Actually Add Space and Functionality

Source: Alice Kang

Messed up living rooms can demotivate you and those long hours at home will seem a lot longer!

With some subtle changes and tactics, you can add a lot of value to your decor. Especially, if you have limited space, you need to make it look more spacious.

But that’s not the end. Over the years, your living room can become cluttered and filled with non-functional items. If you follow these tips you can add space and functionality to your living room right away.

Optimize Your Environment With Hanging Indoor Plants

Most people overlook this. But adding a few indoor plants like Jade plant or Chinese Evergreen will bring life to your room and also increase your work from home productivity. If you do so, use hanging planters to make it look clean and also save space in the process. You want to clear up as much floor space as possible, so that’s the secret here.

Take a Multi-Purpose Approach in Everything

Start with the furniture. If you have the option to buy a piece that can replace at least one other furniture piece, go with that. Sofas with pullout beds or sectional sofas can be a great way to deal with this. For those of you with a limited number of rooms, you can make the space multi-purpose. Bunk beds made for adults can be a good way to combine your living room and bedroom altogether.

Use Wall Mounted Shelves as Much as Possible

Wall mounted things are popular these days. And rightfully so. Figure out ways in which you can hang shelves to organize books and small equipment instead of investing in large cabinets or tables. This will minimize the usage of the floor space and also make the walls a lot more functional, other than just holding the paint.

The Position of Lighting Matters

You can really take your decor to another level only just installing proper lighting at proper positions. This won’t cost much, but the value it will give will outweigh whatever the cost. Avoid floor stand models and wall mount the lights wherever possible. The illumination matters more than the actual light fixture.

Glass or Mirrored Furniture Will Add Sense of Space

Place mirrors in strategic positions to make the best use of reflections. Some people also go the extra mile of mirroring an entire wall. You can also buy glass top tables and stuff like that with a clear glass surface. In this way, your living room will look a lot brighter and also give a sense of more space even if you don’t have much.

Reduce Clutter and Keep it Neat

The age old recommendation: paint your walls white. Having multi color walls can look messy. What you should do is draw attention to the colorful pieces of furniture rather than the wall. Organize everything and avoid buying stuff that doesn’t have aesthetic or functional value. After every 6 month or so, run a declutter home campaign and remove unwanted and useless objects.

Make Use of the Vertical Space and the Ceiling

The vertical space is the top area of the wall. In most homes, this space remains not utilized. Start with placing large canvas art and other decorations in these areas. Apart from adding aesthetic value, they will make the room feel larger. Also, you can paint the ceiling with a different color. In this way, you can make all the elements of your living room super functional.

Create a Focal Point to Draw Attention

A focal point can be anything that can draw people’s attention. Previously, it was the fireplace. But in modern days, TVs have replaced it to some extent. Whatever works for you go with that. The focal point can also be a painting, collection of souvenirs or just a beautiful outside view.

A Holistic Design Approach Will Add Life to Your Room

By holistic approach, we mean keeping the theme of your decor uniform. For example, if you choose eco-friendly materials, make sure most of the items in the room are made from organic and environment friendly stuff. If you want to build a smart home, make sure all the items are modern and follow the theme.

Add Personal Elements to the Space

The more you add personal elements to the room, the more you will fall in love with it. Personal elements can mean photographs, souvenirs, musical instruments that you play or used to play and stuff like that. If you are an avid reader, make sure there is space designated for reading and if you are a gamer, you might have your Pc or console tied to a table and a chair.

Final Words

Following all of these 10 tips should be enough for keeping the living room functional and adding space. If you are in the run for buying a Condo in Boston, you can find one now. You don’t want to miss out on a great deal. And when you finally apply these tips to your new living room, the results will be outrageous.

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