Golden Beach — The only private neighborhood offering oceanfront homes in Miami

 115 Ocean Blvd Golden Beach — SOLD FOR $14,000,000

115 Ocean Blvd Golden Beach — SOLD FOR $14,000,000

What are some of the communities you have noticed experiencing more buyer demand and what do you think are the forces creating that?

We are seeing a tremendous amount of activity in areas of Miami-Dade County that were once not in such high demand, and a lot of this has to do with the particular locations, and more options in the high-end market becoming significant to the upper level buyers. The former prime, in-demand, grade-A areas that defined the original “Miami” have changed drastically due to the growth of the city. The once quiet, isolated, luxurious waterfront locations are now not so quiet, and people are trading dense, traffic-filled areas with those of the not so centrally located, but close enough to the action spots that still offer the Miami atmosphere.

 154 South Island — SOLD FOR $6,000,000 154 South Island — SOLD FOR $6,000,000

What key trends are happening now that you expect to persist over the next 10 years and have a large impact on the area?

As Miami continues to come into its own and grow at the rapid rate it has been, I believe buyers – now having more options than ever to find luxury waterfront living in Miami- will get more and more particular about their dream locations.

What are your thoughts regarding the market outlook of Golden Beach specifically over the next 10 years?

 572 South Island — SOLD FOR $6,250,000 572 South Island — SOLD FOR $6,250,000

I believe Golden Beach will continue to explode in value and surpass most of Miami.  Golden Beach has always been in high demand, but as Brickell, South Beach, and Miami Beach increase in size at the rate it has been, the luxurious allure of these once known as centrally located properties, will become less favorable versus neighborhoods offering more serenity and luxury,  right outside of what some are beginning to see as madness. Location, location, location.

 Condo in Porsche Design Tower — SOLD FOR $4,250,000

Condo in Porsche Design Tower — SOLD FOR $4,250,000

Has anything happened in the Golden Beach market over recent years that you wouldn’t have originally anticipated?

The increase of value in the direct oceanfront market, as well as property values on and off the water, have occurred much faster then I believe anyone anticipated. Golden Beach offers a private neighborhood country club environment that is truly one of a kind for Miami. Golden Beach is the only private neighborhood in Miami offering oceanfront mansions, along with a private beach club access for residents by lush palm tree covered sidewalks and parks. The quality of life is unmatched.

Whether it be due to listing price or unique circumstances, what are some of your most significant sales of late? 

My most recent significant sales include 115 Ocean Blvd, a 150 ft piece of oceanfront in Golden Beach for $14,000,000,  572 North Island, a spectacular waterfront home for $6,250,000, 154 South Island, another unreal waterfront home in Golden Beach for $6,000,000 as well as an incredible condo in the Porsche Design tower for $4,250,000.

How have you overcome the typical challenges associated with scaling your services so quickly?

I entered this industry with my boutique luxury real estate brokerage, Miles Goldstein Real Estate, with a goal to offer an incomparable level of luxury service. I, along with my associates, are educated, trained, aggressive, and work endlessly for our clients’ best interest. Numbers don’t lie, and the clients are only becoming more intelligent to the level of service they deserve.

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