Your Guide to DIY Projects & Rejuvenating Your Space

Farrow & Ball

There’s probably no better time to declutter and reorganize your home than the present. If you’re feeling restless and sitting at home, home improvement projects and tasks will allow you to refocus and may get your family or partner to pitch in and work together on a new project.

Painting your space is a great way to spend a full Saturday or Sunday as well as a great way to brighten up your home and switch things up. Not sure which colors would work best? Martha Stewart Magazine refers to these picks as the top 3 colors for 2020: Mossy Gray, Pale Yellow, and Old-World Blue.

“Secret Moss”, which is one of Valspar’s 2020 colors of the year, is an earthy tone that taps into a nature-inspired theme. Pale Yellow or “Desert Fortress” is a light warm, hue that’s bound to freshen up any room. Lastly, Farrow & Ball’s “Oval Blue Room” instantly creates a classic and timeless look, that updates the atmosphere of any living room, dining room or bedroom. 

Gallery walls and frames are a perfect and easy way to get creative and add new colors to your home. A salon-style wall can be multi-dimensional, create your own piece of artwork, choose a print online, or if you have kids, order frames for their own artwork—whether it was created in an art class months ago or have them take some creative time now to create their own masterpiece. 

Frames also aren’t just for paper, if you have a collection of letters, postcards, pressed flowers, or special cards—create a collage and frame your beloved items in a pressed glass frame. It’s not only personal but a nice reminder of loved ones.

Spring cleaning can feel arduous but actually has greater benefits than, just say, a clean home. A recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine proved that even just 20 minutes of cleaning decreases levels of stress by 20 percent. Ultimately, it helps us gain a sense of control over our environment.

Tasks that you can add to your spring cleaning checklist include: wiping walls and ceilings, dusting nooks and crannies, vacuuming rugs and mopping floors, cleaning upholstered furniture, and washing window screens.

Optimizing space is another way to re-evaluate your current storage solutions. If you have wasted space or non-essentials, consider investing in floating shelves—which look great in any space, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Display colorful mugs, plates, books, or vases to add some variety, texture, and vibrance to your kitchen or living room.

If you already have an abundance of shelving, invest in a few decorative bins, baskets, and storage boxes. Stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and The Container Store offer a plethora of textures and sizes, so you can choose what works best with the design of your home.

Whether it’s ordering a new paint color, framing a new print, or dusting off your shelves, there are small ways you can declutter your home and create a revitalized space!

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