Why Texas Country Living Might be the Ideal Lifestyle for You


What is Texas Country Living?

Texas is a vast state, stretching for thousands of miles, larger than France and many other countries around the world. While many choose to live in Texas’s busy metropolises, where high-rise buildings and crowded commercial centers await, others prefer to spend their time experiencing the Texas countryside lifestyle.

Texas country living involves living in the rural areas away from the big cities, where Texas’s large, open landscapes feel never-ending. Many prefer to experience Texas’s rugged beauty on a ranch or in a home surrounded by nature, rather than live within a crowded urban center.

The Texas Hill Country is one part of the state that caters to this lifestyle. The Texas Hill Country embodies the Texas country lifestyle appeal with small towns that include local ma and pa shops, expansive ranches, friendly locals, and nearby natural beauty.

Why This Lifestyle Stands Out

So, what makes the Texas country lifestyle something that people seek out? For starters, the natural beauty of Texas is unparalleled, and you can’t experience it the same way living in the city. Those who choose the Texas country lifestyle can wake up every day and be completely surrounded by the state’s natural beauty. Without light pollution, they can look up at night and see every star in the Texas sky.

Living away from the city also means residents can find more affordable and spacious properties. While Texas’s major cities have lower costs of living than in many other states, living in Austin, Dallas, or Houston can still be expensive. In the Texas countryside, you can find sprawling private properties with large homes that cost the same amount as a condominium or townhouse in the city. 

The culture of the Texas country lifestyle is also a big draw. Delicious food, friendly locals, and tight-knit communities are significant reasons why many prefer this style of living. In agricultural Texas towns, residents can find fresh local produce, delicious barbecue spots, and small businesses run by friendly neighbors. It is a way of living that stands out to outdoorsy, community-oriented people.


Texas Country Living Near Houston

For those who want to experience the best of both worlds, embracing the Texas country lifestyle in a community near Houston provides dual benefits. You can spend your days soaking up the serene beauty of the area surrounding Houston, which is ripe with forests, lakes, and unique natural environments. Then, if you want to spend a day or evening in the city or need something specific only found in a massive international metropolis such as Houston, the big city is only a short drive away. 

Plenty of small cities near Houston, including Huntsville, Tomball, and Navasota, have outskirts lined with homes that typify the Texas countryside lifestyle appeal. These pleasant communities have busy main town areas, but their outer edges are lined with farms and ranches, ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the state’s rugged outdoor settings. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, as some prefer big-city living, but for many, it is the best way to experience the Lone Star State.

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