Why Nova Scotia Has Become One of the Best Provinces to Live in Canada

Many provinces across Canada provide excellent places to settle down. Whether it is the surging economy or natural beauty of Alberta, or the busy metropolises of Ontario, each province has something unique to offer homebuyers. But Nova Scotia is one that is catching the eye of many buyers. This Maritime province is situated along the Atlantic, with beautiful natural scenery and welcoming local communities.

There are many elements to the unique appeal of Nova Scotia that have made it one of the best options for buyers in Canada. Let’s look at what makes Nova Scotia stand out. 


Unmatched Natural Beauty

What immediately comes to mind upon the mention of Nova Scotia is its incredible natural surroundings. This province is regarded for its distinct coastal settings, with lighthouses atop rocky cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has unique environments like lush green forests and sparkling blue lakes, and the ocean is only a short drive away from any part of the province.

Nova Scotia has well-known sites like Cape Breton Island, which includes renowned national parks, deep forests, and a scenic drive along the water. It is an ideal place to view the marine wildlife in Nova Scotia, like its famed whale population. There are many other incredible natural areas in the province, including Brier Island and Great Falls. 

Cape Breton Island

Appealing Cities and Towns

Nova Scotia has many towns and cities that make it one of the best places to live in Canada. Whether looking for a growing urban hub or a scenic small town, you will find abundant options available here. Halifax is the largest city in the province, a rapidly growing urban center on the water, famed for its architecture, quaint charm, and history. It is the center of commerce and culture in Nova Scotia and is where almost half of the province’s population resides.

Halifax is far from the only great option to live in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg is a historic port town with all the charm the province is known for. Truro is a small town located along the Salmon River that is popular for its historic downtown and central location. 


Growing Economy

One of the defining considerations for most people seeking a new place regards whether that place can provide economic opportunity. Nova Scotia has long been an agricultural hub, and its tourism industry is one of the strongest in Canada. But there is more to the economy of this province, and it continues to grow as Halifax and its surrounding areas develop into a major hub for commerce.

Halifax has a significant business and banking community and, in recent years, has developed into a tech hub. It has a highly educated population due to the presence of numerous universities in the area. Many companies have headquarters or regional offices in Halifax. These include Deloitte, Starbucks, Innovacorp, Irving Shipbuilding, and more. 


Vibrant Culture

Nova Scotia has a vibrant, distinct culture that makes it one of the gems of the Maritimes. Everything from its history to the cuisine should be experienced firsthand through its impressive museums and thriving local restaurants. Nova Scotia’s noted museums, like the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, are must-see attractions.

The food in Nova Scotia is incredible. The province’s massive agricultural community contributes to the availability of its many fresh food options, and its blueberries and apples stand out. But the best part of Nova Scotia’s food scene is its superb seafood. Nova Scotia boasts world-renowned lobster and fresh-caught Atlantic fish, and the high-quality restaurants here turn these fresh catches into delectable meals.

Lunenburg | Image credit: Livia Widjaja
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