What Makes Maryland an Excellent Place to Be in the Spring

Swallow Falls State Park | Image credit: Holly Riley

Spring in Maryland brings mild weather and the return of lush natural scenery. It is when many of the state’s big cities and small towns host events and roar back to life after a period of relative quiet. Let’s look at some of the most appealing aspects of Maryland in the spring.

Return to the Outdoors

Maryland is known for its outdoor appeal. It is filled with beautiful coastal scenery and thick forests, making it easy to immerse yourself in natural splendor. During the warmer days of spring, many residents take to Maryland’s waterways for boating and fishing. Also, Maryland’s many wildflowers and gardens bloom beautifully in the spring. The Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore has 80,000 tulips that burst with color, and the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park is an award-winning 50-acre display best viewed in the spring.

The spring season also marks a return to golf as Maryland’s many nationally recognized courses reopen. The Links at Perry Cabin and Eagle’s Landing Golf Club are just two examples of courses that bring exciting challenges and scenic backdrops. For hikers, exploring scenic destinations, such as Rocks State Park, Swallow Falls State Park, and Greenbury Point, is all the better with mild weather and blooming plant life. Maryland includes parts of the Appalachian Trail, and hiking or biking through these gorgeous sites is the ideal way to appreciate what makes this state so special.

Pleasant Communities and Culture

The state’s vibrant culture and appealing communities help set Maryland apart. Even in the colder months, there is plenty to explore in Maryland’s pleasant towns and cities, but spring brings more events and excitement. 

North East is a small community home to just over 3,000. It has a charming small-town feel, with a main street lined with antique stores and local businesses. Its setting along the North East River makes it a perfect spring destination. Hyattsville is a pleasant suburb near Washington, D.C., known as a family-friendly community with lovely parks and a vibrant arts scene.

Bowie is a Maryland city that has rapidly grown to become one of the biggest in the state. It is a short drive from Washington, D.C. and has busy commercial areas, including the Bowie Town Center. Perryville is a picturesque small town along the Susquehanna River popular for boating and fishing. Jarrettsville is a charming rural community with a population of less than 3,000. Only a short drive from Washington, D.C., it has an idyllic feel and an abundance of natural sites.

Finksburg is another small town with ample natural sites to explore in spring. It has appealing real estate options at reasonable prices and a tight-knit, welcoming community. Germantown is a busy outer-edge suburb of Washington, D.C., a bustling place with plenty to do. It has an excellent food scene, exciting shopping destinations, and scenic public parks.  

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