What Makes Galveston a Premier Summer Destination

Galveston Island | Credit: Chris Ainsworth

Just an hour away from Austin on Texas’s Gulf Coast, the island city of Galveston is a fun environment for all ages. Galveston is known for its incredible waterfront, ceaseless entertainment options, and status as Texas’s most dynamic summer getaway spot. Let’s look at the traits of Galveston that make it one of the country’s premier summer destinations.

Stellar Beaches

Galveston is an island paradise with miles of coastline for visitors to enjoy. When the weather is warm, you’ll find the city’s many beaches filled with locals and tourists looking to unwind by the water.

Stewart Beach, East Beach, and Porretto Beach are all laid-back, family-friendly beaches where visitors can dip into the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With over 32 miles of coastal settings, Galveston is Texas’s leading beachy hotspot. 

Outdoor Recreation

Because of Galveston’s gorgeous natural settings, there are limitless outdoor activities across the city. Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather, and if you are in Galveston, you there’s plenty to do, including surfing and windsurfing. Catching waves or wind at one of the many beaches around the city is a perfect way to get the heart pumping.

Galveston’s serene waterfront and protected nature areas, such as Galveston Island State Park, provide ample recreational opportunities. Boating, jet skiing, fishing, and swimming are all popular ways to unwind and cool off in and on the water. Galveston also has renowned hiking trails, and its abundant bird life attracts many bird watchers.

Galveston | Credit: Luke Scarpino

Entertainment Options

Like many communities on the water, Galveston has embraced its reputation as a tourism destination. The city has an array of entertainment options and attractions created to excite its many visitors. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, located on the island’s south shore, is a classic beach boardwalk with amusement park rides, carnival games, delicious treats, and souvenir stores.

Moody Gardens might be Galveston’s best-known tourist destination. This vast entertainment hub has a large golf course and hotel, and features several glass pyramids housing incredible wildlife, including an aquarium pyramid and a rainforest pyramid. Galveston also hosts the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, one of the biggest in the state. There is clearly no shortage of family-friendly entertainment destinations in Galveston.

Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

Pleasant Nearby Communities

If you want to escape the busy feel of Galveston, visit and explore one of its smaller, scenic towns just outside the city. Below are just a few of the many vibrant communities a short trip away from Galveston: 

- Friendswood

Friendswood, a pleasant suburb outside of Galveston, has a charming all-American look and a fascinating history. It boasts a busy downtown with pleasant public parks. 

- Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a scenic community along the Bolivar Peninsula and a popular destination, thanks to its beach campgrounds and excellent fishing opportunities.

- Kemah

Kemah is a beachy hub with a similar feel to Galveston, comprising a long boardwalk along the water that hosts attractions and delicious dining options.

Kemah | Credit: Brock Wegner
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