The Ultimate Expression of Luxury: Yachts by David

David Greco, founder of Yachts by David, is a licensed and bonded Yacht Broker in Florida and California. With his extensive international experience, he caters to clients in the United States, Europe and South America. Greco is a dual citizen of the USA and Italy who’s fluent in English and conversational in Spanish—thanks to his wife Patricia, who is from Buenos Aires.

Greco first learned to sail on dinghies as a way to relax while earning his MBA. Soon after, he moved to California where he worked with several top tech companies throughout Silicon Valley.

After founding and selling a few venture backed start-ups, he took a ten year sailing sabbatical on the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, Greco is the founder of a wine resort where he has won a gold medal for his first vintage.

Interested in purchasing a yacht? Reach out to David Greco – no obligation. Greco is able to provide inside information that’s not published on the listing. You can just send him the link, and start sharing ideas. There’s no extra cost to have him negotiate the best deal possible and the closing.

Interested in selling? When you list your yacht for sale with David you access his international network of high net worth individuals and his expert sales, marketing and negotiating skills.

Buyers leverage his team of professionals including marine surveyors, technicians, captains, yacht management firms, maritime attorneys, accountants, tax advisors and capital partners who facilitate the purchase process.

Greco’s marketing plans focus on reaching the right buyer with a compelling value proposition. Your yacht is unique and deserves more than the all too common “list and wait” regime. Meet with him aboard and he’ll provide a free market analysis and expert advice on preparing your yacht for sale.

David’s many satisfied clients say he is trustworthy, responsive, resourceful, diligent, persistent, honest, professional. David is committed to providing you the same experience.

Interested in finding out more? Contact David today:


+1 305.851.7892

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