Two Exciting Trends to Brighten your Home

As a Real Estate agent trying to deliver ‘move-in ready’ homes, regardless of its age or condition, you can follow a few simple home trends that will easily achieve this look. Two great trends this spring season are GOLD accents and a trick I like to call the “double lean” – both will fresh take your home up a notch.

This trend started small beginning with hints of brushed gold that graced the glossy pages of home magazines. Some ways you can achieve this look are with trinkets at Target like my favorite gold urchins or light gold edges on frames. If you’d really like to take your home up a notch, you can turn to gold brushed fixtures and details that truly elevate a space.

Our first example, here at 7911 Kentucky Avenue in East Bethesda, is an area that doesn’t typically see $2M+ for their new builds – it received multiple offers at this price. This is because of its FRESH take on the brushed gold trend, which you’ll see in both the kitchen and baths. It adds a new dimension of “timeless”!

Also here at 10th street, the brushed gold finishes in the baths add a unique feel that will soon be the new “normal”. We’re loving the large statement pendants in the kitchen and use of the kitchen pulls. If you are looking to lift your kitchen and bath, simply add that special touch gold!

The second trend that’s given life to my staging, and a priority in my job, is to always have a property look bigger and brighter! Trying to achieve this look isn’t always easy with lower ceiling heights, north facing living rooms or spaces missing recess lighting.

One of my favorite tricks, and something you’ll often find in the pages of Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, is what I’ve tagged as the “double lean” – using PICTURES leaning against a space to make the walls feel higher or mirrors with pictures to reflect the natural light.

For example, our listing at 5508 Devon Road. The home was north facing without recess lighting, however, we simply added mirrors where we could and incorporated the “double lean” concept to make the room feel both taller and brighter.

Another example is at 4339 Harrison, also a North facing Penthouse. Here, we used a larger mirror behind the artwork to make the space feel more expansive.

If you have a space that needs to FEEL bigger and brighter, try this trick on a console table and see if you can create the feeling of light and height with pictures and mirrors.

For more questions on how to make your home to look fresh to sell, email me at or check out our website for all our great staging photos.

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