Trending Home Renovations This Year


Renovations are a significant aspect of the constant and ongoing process of home improvement. Rather than searching for a new home, many homeowners prefer to invest in modernizing and adapting their property through renovations. What renovations are specialists, experts, and home enthusiasts currently implementing? Let’s look at some home renovations that are trending this year.

Comfortably Functional Office Spaces

Although fully remote work may be less common these days, the importance of a home office space remains significant. Many companies remain committed to the hybrid model, and for most workers, a desk at the corner of a room no longer cuts it. A desire for comfort and functionality has driven many homeowners to build an entirely new room for a home office, with space for a large desk, seating, and additional work materials.

Credit: ergonofis

Enhanced Outdoor Entertainment Areas

The outdoor entertainment space has long been a common renovation. The idea is for homeowners to create a space for seating and added functionality. Typically, homeowners will add features such as paved decks, cabanas, and seating areas. Embedded cooking equipment, including barbecues, wood ovens, and firepits, as well as built-in wet bars, are particularly popular additions this year. 

Credit: Florian Schmidinger

Bathrooms with Heated Flooring

Bathrooms are vital spaces in a home, and if not maintained properly, mold and other issues can arise, prompting many homeowners to prioritize bathrooms in a renovation. Currently, homeowners are quite interested in implementing heated flooring to enhance the comfort of their bathrooms. Underfloor heating technology has become relatively common and is much more affordable than it used to be. 

Credit: Sidekix Media

Light-Colored Flooring

Dark wood flooring has been a popular choice for many home renovators, but the pendulum has swung back in the opposite direction. Now, the current trend for homeowners is light-colored flooring, involving materials like light wood, such as maple, tiles, or even the much more affordable vinyl flooring option. Although dark wood floors can create a stylish contrast to homes with bright walls, light floors present less dirt and scratches, are just as stylish, and can make an area look more spacious.

Credit: Sidekix Media

Wellness Spaces

An increasing number of people across the U.S. are embracing the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and other wellness activities. The pandemic, in particular, also inspired homeowners to design their homes to cater to mental health and happiness. Wellness spaces, such as a backyard stone garden, an indoor-outdoor yoga studio, or a steam room, are especially desirable additions. 

Credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden