Trending: Cabin Living

Privacy, peace, and tranquility. Those are just some of the words that describe cabin living. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by nature and wildlife, where you can fall asleep listening to the crickets and owls and wake up to the sound of chirping birds. From living more eco-friendly to having your very own private getaway, there is a reason why cabin living has rose in popularity recently.

Whether it be from the Covid-19 pandemic or the popular “work from home” movement, cabin living is on the rise. People are choosing life in the wilderness over their current suburban setting. Home sales in Northern Wisconsin were up 28% in just the first three months of 2021, proving the movement is a popular one among many people. Normally, rural real estate sells at a remarkably slower rate compared to popular suburban markets: However, in the past year, they have been selling at the same rate.

If a tranquil and private setting is what you are searching for, you can’t get any closer to nature than a cabin in the woods. From stunning lakefronts to the famous Smokey Mountains, cabin living seems to be on the rise everywhere in the country. Michigan is seeing its waterfront properties sell at an astounding rate, with many people deciding they want a vacation home since travel restrictions have burdened their summer plans.

In some places, like Tennessee around the Great Smokey Mountains, they are seeing a rise in the sale of cabins that are being used for vacations rentals. With investors flocking to the area due to the high amount of tourism, they have seen an almost 9% rise in home values just in the past year.

In Michigan, the amount of people looking to buy a lakeshore cabin is at a record high. The area, which normally has about 30,000 listings throughout the lakes region, is seeing an all-time low of only 14,000. According to many realtors, people are looking for a place to escape to as quarantine and coronavirus restrictions continue to throw a wrench into travel plans and family trips.

Virginia and West Virginia saw a rise of nearly 31% in vacation homes and a 12.5% rise in the median sales price for these properties. The appeal of being able to get away to a remote and beautiful location while escaping travel restrictions has many people flocking to the area in hopes of finding their dream cabin.

Minnesota is also seeing a high demand for remote cabins, with the number one request being that they have good internet. This further proves that the number of people not having to go back to their corporate office are taking the opposite approach and making a move to the wilderness. Many are finding that their newfound freedom of working from anywhere is bringing them to the serene setting that you can only find in a remote cabin.

The financial freedom that comes with downsizing to a cabin coupled with the relaxing setting that usually comes with it, has many people leaving their large homes and fancy cars for a simpler way of life. Life in a cabin makes sense both financially and environmentally, especially if building your own, with timber being one of the most sustainable materials there is and the construction process of a cabin using less energy than a conventional home that uses cement, plaster, etc.

The appeal of cabin living has risen tremendously in popularity over the past year. Some are looking to move to a cabin full-time and leave the city life behind in exchange for a quiet and peaceful change of scenery. Some are looking to buy a cabin that they can escape to whenever they want to get away and not have travel restrictions or quarantine requirements to worry about. Some are taking advantage of the rising popularity of cabin living and looking to buy property as a rental investment. No matter what the reason may be, one thing is clear:  The appeal of cabin living is likely here to stay for the foreseeable future.