Transforming Your Home Into a Resort-Inspired Retreat

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You can turn your home into a resort-inspired retreat by adding key elements that bring comfort and remind you of your favorite vacations. To help you achieve this atmosphere, we’ve compiled some useful tips below. 

Use Bright, Tropical Colors

One easy way to create a beachy vacation environment in your home is by adding furniture pieces to your indoor and outdoor spaces that burst with tropical color. Tropical colors are typically bright shades of blue, yellow, and green. Also, colors such as turquoise, canary yellow, aqua, and emerald can infuse your space with a resort-like ambiance. Consider adding throw pillows or even painting walls in these colors to provide the perfect vacation vibe.

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Have an Abundance of Indoor Organic Material

From sunbathing on a beach to enjoying a mountain view, many typical highlights of a vacation occur outdoors. To evoke a similar sensation in your home, consider bringing organic outdoor elements inside. Many homeowners will add large decorative plants that call to mind palm trees, implement light-wood material in their overhead lighting, or use wicker furniture.


Hang Large Paintings

Imagine the lobby at your favorite resort—what comes to mind? Often, a prominent feature of resorts worldwide is eye-catching wall art that adds splashes of color and enhances the space’s visual appeal. For homeowners chasing that resort-inspired aesthetic, wall art, especially a big painting, is a solid home addition. These massive pieces, many of which are available online or at art markets, capture attention and brighten up a room. 

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Add Outdoor Communal Spaces

Consider adding outdoor gathering areas such as a firepit or an outdoor barbecue. Take it a step further by adding couches, an outdoor television, and/or a wet bar to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space.


Incorporate an Outdoor Swing or Hammock

Incorporating an outdoor swing or a hammock will help you rediscover the serenity of your property. Adding stylish outdoor wicker swings onto your back patio or front porch or setting up a cozy hammock along your home’s tree line will give you an idyllic place to unwind and indulge in a good book—reminiscent of the relaxation you experience during a vacation

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Find Your Zen with a Fountain

Embracing a tranquil atmosphere doesn’t require crossing the ocean. Homeowners can enhance this kind of atmosphere at home by adding a fountain to their property. Fountains vary in size from massive, decorative pieces to smaller back- or front-yard additions. Either way, there’s nothing like the sound of trickling water to ease stress and conjure visions of your dream getaway.

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