Toronto Mansion Featured on Schitt’s Creek is Back on the Market

30 Fifeshire Rd

Schitt’s Creek moved from a relatively obscure Canadian TV show about a once-wealthy family on hard times and living out of a motel, to the only comedy show to win a clean sweep in their category at the Emmy Awards.

In 2020, Schitt’s Creek took home all 7 of the Emmy Awards in the category after becoming a phenomenon with viewers once it arrived on Netflix. The locations from the show have become iconic, like the motel the once-wealthy family inhabits.

Now, if you have a pretty penny sitting in your bank account, you can own one of Schitt’s Creek’s iconic sets, as the luxurious mansion the fictional Rose family once lived in on the show has just been listed for sale in Toronto.

This massive 12-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion was used as the setting for the Rose family’s old house before they lost their money in the TV show, and the house’s 17th-century estate-like looks, and Sistine Chapel style ceiling design certainly suggest opulent wealth.

While the house was created to look like a classical European home, in reality, it was created 7 years ago by developer Van Lapoyan who designed it to be his dream home. But now, Lapoyan is retiring and planning on escaping the Toronto winters, so the home is now for sale.

Listed for sale at CAD 19.9 million, which comes to USD 15.7 million, the 24,000-square foot home comes with a banquet hall, a home theatre, a wine cellar, and indoor and outdoor pools. Originally listed in 2019 at CAD 21.8 million, the house has been on and off the market in the past few years.

Located in Toronto’s North York region, right near the Bridle Path, where Toronto’s wealthiest from Drake to Celine Dion live, the mansion is considered one of the landmark homes of its neighborhood.

If you’ve been searching for that unique, one-of-a-kind home, this might be your chance. With demand for the house increasing due to the popularity of the show, even the gaudy price tag may not have the home sitting on the market much longer. While the Rose family of Schitt’s Creek had some pretty tough luck following their ownership of the house, hopefully, the next owners will fare a little better.