Top Outdoor Living Trends to Know This Spring

This spring, homeowners are eyeing many popular styles and trends for improving their outdoor spaces. If you want to revamp your outdoor space, we’ve got you covered with some significant outdoor living design and appliance trends.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Homeowners have long been using their outdoor spaces for dining, but now, many also implement built-in kitchens and bars to maximize their time outdoors. Many choose to have built-in barbecues, fridges, or wet bars, but others prefer more unique appliances such as wood ovens. 

Fire Pit Tables

Even in spring and summer, at night, the weather can still be frigid in many parts of North America. That is why fire pits have become so desirable for outdoor spaces. But one recent trend is combining comfort and utility. A fire pit table is a table with a built-in fire pit in its center, usually fueled by propane. These excellent communal spaces help everyone stay warm—without excess smoke—while also serving as a gathering space.


Outdoor Workspaces

Homeowners working from home have keyed in on working outside in a pleasant, customized environment. Creating a comfortable outdoor workspace with a desk or table area is popular for those hoping to make work as enjoyable as possible while also soaking up some Vitamin D.

Zen Gardens

Creating a zen garden, meant to promote a sense of relaxation and ease, involves implementing sand, rocks, and gravel in a design that represents water or ripples. Some gardens also have wood elements, small ponds, or plant life. This traditional Japanese style of space is a rising low-maintenance garden choice. 

Seasonal Colors

Numerous homeowners have couches and chairs in their backyards decorated with colorful pillows. Adding seasonal colors with warm hues, such as reds, yellows, and lavender shades, will make a backyard space pop all the more as the natural spring colors emerge.

Vertical Gardens

Especially for smaller outdoor spaces, vertical gardens and living walls are ideal for maximizing space while still growing beautiful vegetation. A large range of plants, including ferns, herbs, and succulents, lend themselves incredibly well to this style of growth. 

Blended Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Creating a blended indoor-outdoor space is a great way to design a comfortable communal area. Many choose to have screens, pergolas, and similar delineating items that distinguish a space’s covered sections. Indoor-outdoor spaces are also especially useful in regions with variable climates since they can offer protection from the elements. 

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