Top-Notch Places to Reside in the Mountain West

The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world and is home to a variety of beautiful and unique landscapes. From the rolling beaches of California to the deep forests of upstate New York, each region of the United States is geographically distinct. One region home to a diverse and beautiful landscape is the Mountain West region. Home to many of the country’s tallest mountains and biggest natural parks, it is an area that is mostly sparsely populated but incredibly beautiful.

While it may not be as urban as other regions, the Mountain West still provides many great places to live. Let’s look at some of the top-notch cities and towns to reside in the Mountain West region.


Known as Big Sky Country, Montana is a massive state in size but sparsely populated. It is the third biggest state in the continental United States, a quiet place with terrain ranging from the Rockies to the Great Plains. It is home to several of the country’s best-known National Parks.

Belgrade and Billings are two great places to live in Montana. Belgrade is a rapidly growing city home to 10,000 less than a two-hour drive from Yellowstone in Wyoming. It is surrounded by mountains and plains, making it a scenic little town. Billings is Montana’s most populated city, home to almost 1/10th of the state’s population. Located along the Yellowstone River, with numerous incredible parks and hiking trails nearby, it is a beautiful place to live!

Whitefish and Helena also make for beautiful Montana homes. Whitefish is a resort town in the Rocky Mountains that is extremely popular amongst skiers. In the summer, mountain biking takes over, but year-round, the mountain location and Whitefish Lake make it a stunning little town. Helena is Montana’s capital, a city that began to thrive as the Gold Rush took the area by storm. With an interesting history, great museums, and various breweries and restaurants, it is a great place to call home.


Idaho is a state to the west of Montana known for its rugged landscapes and stunning outdoor locations. With beautiful mountains and deep green forests, it has incredible, untamed wilderness that makes it a great place for recreational activities.

Eagle and Star are two Idaho areas that showcase the great living within the state. Eagle is a Boise suburb that is quiet and pleasant, with a population under 30,000. Known for the numerous outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, and even a swimming beach, many residents of Eagle lead active lifestyles. Just to the west of Eagle is Star. Star is a rapidly growing city home to just under 10,000. It is a peaceful city with affordable real estate and great public greenery.

Ammon and Kuna are two more lovely Idaho locations. Ammon is a city near Idaho Falls, home to around 16,000 residents. It has a quiet suburban feel with good public schools and affordable real estate. There are also great parks ripe for exploration. Kuna is a rapidly growing Idaho city home to 24,000. Kuna has great proximity to nature, including several nearby wildlife refuges, national parks, and mountains.


Utah is a state that offers some of the most stunning sights in the U.S. With mountainy landscapes, rusty deserts, and stunning canyons; there is much to explore in this unique state. From Zion Park to Salt Lake City, it is a state with a lot to offer.

South Jordan and Mapleton are two Utah locations that are highly sought after. South Jordan is a city less than 20 miles south of Salt Lake City. It lies in a beautiful location along the Jordan River between two mountains and is home to over 70,000. Mapleton is a city surrounded by mountains, home to about 10,000 residents. It is known as a quiet, peaceful, and safe Utah community.

Midway and Syracuse are two more intriguing Utah options. Midway is a small town not far from Salt Lake City. It is the gateway to the stunning Wasatch Mountain State Park, a great hiking area. Syracuse is a Utah city that has quickly modernized and is now home to over 30,000. It is one of the ten safest places in Utah and has an agricultural community centered around growing delicious fruits.


Wyoming is the least densely populated state on the continental U.S, with the smallest population. It is a massive, spacious area with mostly untouched beautiful natural landscapes, with several small cities and towns scattered throughout.

Jackson and Wheatland are two Wyoming areas that make for incredible homes. Jackson is located in Jackson Hole Valley and is a huge skiing destination with three different ski areas located nearby. It has a quaint and pleasant town square and a small population. Wheatland is a small Wyoming town that has a population of about 3,500. It is a quiet place with a cheap cost of living and a pleasant downtown filled with murals.

Cody and Lander are two more Wyoming towns worth checking out. Cody is a town with an old west history memorialized throughout the town, including Old Trail Town, a living museum, and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It also has easy access to Yellowstone National Park. Lander is a city home to just over 7,500 residents. It is a popular spot for tourists due to the outdoor activities it provides. With great hiking, camping grounds, rock climbing, and fishing, it has been ranked one of the best outdoor towns in America.