Top Las Vegas Suburbs

Las Vegas is one of the most vibrant and lively cities you’re going to find, a place where gambling, entertainment, and nightlife collide. Las Vegas is one of the busiest, most popular places to visit in the country, with so much to see and explore. In recent years, Las Vegas has seen its real estate market surge as people notice the city’s appeal not just for a vacation but as a long-term home.

It isn’t just Las Vegas that makes for an excellent place to live. While the city’s core areas have seen an influx of buyers, the areas surrounding Las Vegas are also experiencing a real estate boom. That’s because Las Vegas has some incredible suburbs that buyers can’t get enough of. These suburbs blend proximity with Las Vegas with uniquely appealing features, such as natural beauty or high safety scores. Let’s look at some of the suburbs near Las Vegas offering a high quality of life.


Summerlin might not be a suburb in the traditional sense, as it is a master-planned community that is partially within the city limits and partially in the neighboring Clark County. However, regardless of its status as a suburb, Summerlin is an amazing place to live. It is a community with everything from highly ranked schools to high-end shopping and dining, all within a beautiful setting.

Summerlin was originally owned by legendary magnate Howard Hughes and developed in the early 1990s. This beautiful community lies along Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains, with miles of natural trails for residents to explore. Summerlin has more than 150 miles of trails and 250 public parks. With only 30,000 residents and a location just 15 minutes outside the city center, Summerlin is a peaceful and picturesque community ideal for settling down.


Henderson is a major city in its own right, home to more than 300,000 people. It is just 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas, meaning that residents can easily access all the best parts of Las Vegas. Henderson itself is a thriving town with so much to see and do. It is a commercial hub with excellent shopping and dining destinations lining the city’s downtown. It also has numerous museums and galleries that residents can explore, including the Clark County Museum.

Henderson is a natural jumping-off point to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. This city is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, with eight championship-level golf courses and many parks and trails. Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is a stunning place near Henderson to explore, and it features more than 300 ancient rock drawings from the city’s earliest inhabitants.


Enterprise is a Las Vegas Valley community that embodies the area’s rapid growth. Its population has more than doubled since 2010, and it is now home to more than 200,000 residents. It ranks as the 4th fastest-growing city in America. One of the key elements to Enterprise’s rapid growth is its location just 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas. While it has a more suburban feel, it is still only a short drive to all that Vegas has to offer.

Enterprise is also an important economic hub. It is home to the headquarters of the UFC, Switch, and the Allegiant Air training center. It also hosts two casinos. The economy has surged alongside the population, and also has excellent parks, trails, and golf courses. There’s something in this booming city for everyone.

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