This Season’s Top Design Trends with Jessica Love of Urbane Design

Jessica Love has the unique ability to harness what makes her clients truly unique and bring those traits to life through interior design. She believes that confidence in our lives begin with a well-designed, carefully thought out home. These traits have built her a loyal clientele over the last 15 years who value her transparency and the ease she brings to the design process. We heard from her about top tips to revamp your space for the spring – see below!

As it gets warmer and people are looking to spend more time outside, what would you recommend for someone who’s looking to update their outdoor living space?

A well thought-out exterior should flow like an interior does. There should be space for dining, cooking, lounging and just enjoying one another’s company. For those on a budget, integrating fresh cushions on old furnishings or adding a touch of spray paint, new accent pillows and an outdoor rug are a great start. Also, integrating life in the form of plants is always a great idea for added color and texture.

On a healthy budget, I like to incorporate completely new furnishings, plants, built-in grills and overhead covers, just to name a few.

What are some of your tips for freshening up an interior space from winter to spring?

I could write an entire article about this alone! We love a good deep clean in spring, which reinvigorates your existing space. Re-imagining furniture and art in each room can help add life. Integrating indoor plants with air cleansing properties and removing heavy blankets and heavy winter colors from the home brings brightness. We love changing pillows, throw blankets and bedding to lighter colors and materials.

What kind of design requests do you often see from clients?

Since COVID began and people are in their spaces more often, we are helping people update their kitchens and bathrooms, taking down walls for more open concepts and even adding walls to make space multi-purpose. We are also seeing more people willing to invest in quality furnishings since they envision a life at home and want the ultimate in comfort and longevity.

What's the most popular remodeling request that you receive from clients?

Making the most out of existing square footage and opening kitchens to family rooms. We also get a lot of requests to get rid of outdated, two-tiered counters and peninsulas and add large islands with seating. We have many clients that request to add storage accessories in the kitchen and baths for specialty storage such as spice racks, coffee bars, wine storage, towel warmers and grooming stations.

Aside from decor, are there other changes that people are seeking in their homes?

Multi-purpose rooms are big now that everyone is home all the time. For example, a guest bedroom and secondary office, workstations for kids, play areas for kids, outdoor living and kitchen areas are increasingly popular.

Any upcoming projects that you’re excited about and would love to share?

We are currently working on a historic home on the East Side of downtown. We have patiently waited for permits for over 5 months and have just gotten approval to begin. We are renovating most of the home, but with an emphasis in the primary suite and the kitchen/dining. Our clients have an eclectic style and a love of color.  We are adding more storage space as well as specialty items such as a separate tub and shower, laundry shoot to the basement, wine storage and a coffee bar.  To top off the remodel, we are also adding furniture throughout the home and creating a parlor, keeping with the historic quality of the home.