The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

It’s almost that time again, the egg nog, the Christmas tree…the binge watching of holiday movies. With the holiday season now closer, it’s never too soon to start thinking about gifts. With ongoing pandemic, shopping will be a little different this year. No need to worry if you’re struggling to pick the perfect gift for a friend, your parents, your children or even if you want to splurge on yourself! These gift ideas will definitely put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Source: Pratiksha Mohanty

The easiest gift ideas for a friend or for a little self care treatment. With so many scented options to choose from, the candle is always a good gift option. Choose between luxury scents, unique soy wax candles, zodiac themed candles, or even Christmas themed candles. Or perhaps opt for the ultimate fall scent, pumpkin spice! The options are endless. Notable mentions include Jo Malone, Homesick and Astrological candles. This gift makes a perfect addition to a holiday gift basket. Add a bottle of wine, chocolates and a nice book for the ultimate gift basket!

Cozy Slippers
Source: Tatiana Syrikova

These have been all the rage recently and there’s no surprise why! After a long day at work switching your shoes for a comfy pair of slippers is a great way to unwind. Slippers are a great combination of comfort and style. Choose between the Ugg Coquettes slippers or the L.L. Bean Moccasins, regardless of the brand this gift will be sure to impress.


Tea Sampler
Source: Pixabay

There are so many tea varieties available, green tea, black tea, masala chai, matcha, lavender and more! Gifting a sampler set is the best way for one to try all these varieties and to experiment on preferences. This gift is a great gift idea as it is suitable for everyone. Choose between Taylors of Harrogate classic tea box or the art of tea samplers, both available on Amazon.


Weighted Blanket
Source: Isabelle Taylor

Stay cozy this winter with a weighted blanket suitable for anyone’s sleeping habits and style. Weighted blankets are a perfect addition to ensure a good night sleep. The blankets added with beads evenly distributed in weight providing relaxation. Weighted blankets have been shown to reduce stress and provide a sense of comfort and safety. Whether you are hot or cold, there are plenty of options to select from. See Purple + Gravity for a high quality blanket!


Wine Cooler
Source: Crate & Barrel. French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler, $29.95.

The single bottle wine cooler is a wonderful gift for wine lovers. This provides convenience as it can keep wine chilled for several hours! This cool white marble piece from Crate & Barrel is a column of marble with grey veining that’s unique to each piece. Ultimately. keeping your wine cool at the dinner table with an elegant statement!


Painting Kit
Source: Marko Blazevic

With the pandemic going on, people have been spending most of their time at home. Why not provide them with a fun activity that they could do at home? Plus it’s also perfect for children. These painting kits have been very popular this year and would make a thoughtful gift to a friend or family member!


Air Fryer
Source: Crate & Barrel. Cuisinart ® AirFryer, $99.95.

This is a necessary addition to anyone’s kitchen! Air fryers reduce the time to cook your favorite recipes while being a healthy alternative to deep frying. Cook anything from fries, to vegetables, to chicken! 

Cheese and Tapas Boards
Source: Daria Shevtsova

With the festivities coming up this holiday season, a charcuterie board is a common dinner appetizer and essential staple in one’s home. Why not give a cheese or tapas board to a loved one this holiday? They’re many varieties and styles to select, from marble to rustic wood!

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