The Iconic Los Angeles Project: Angels Landing

Angels Landing is a two-tower building project that is currently under development. The project was destined to be a high-rise with its twin-towers termed as the ‘tallest skyscrapers in the entire western region of the Mississippi River.”

However, the ambitious megaproject had to make some design tweaks according to a recommendation given by the Planning Department of the City of Los Angeles.

The originally proposed height of this $1.2 billion megaproject was 1,020 feet, which will now be slated to 854 feet, as proposed by the city’s planning council.

What was once destined to be a “super-tall skyscraper” has now been reduced to a label of just a “tall” building in the city. The tallest of the two towers was originally planned as a building with 88 floors, while the second tower was supposed to be 24 floors.

According to the new design changes, the tallest tower will now have 64-floors and the second one will have 48-floors—24 additional floors added to the second and smallest of the two towers. With this, the reduced height of the tallest tower will be 854 feet while the smallest of two will now stand at 542 feet.

Interestingly, all other specs of the interior of this project remain the same: 39,000 square feet of flax space, 57,000 square feet of open public space, 36,000 square feet for commercial space; 261 rental units, two hotels of 509 rooms, and 180 for-sale condos.

The project continues to be built with new sizing changes—one tower facing 4th and Hill Street and the other one facing California Plaza and Grand Avenue. The hotel’s architecture will be SLS and Mondrian.

There will be 750 parking stalls in more than seven subterranean levels of the building. The original date of completion of this megaproject was projected for 2024. However, with the new changes, the twin-towered building is projected to be completed by 2028.

“The adjustment makes both towers significant and important,” says Fred MacFarlane, a representative for the developers. They can now “brand the two hotels individually and create two high-end luxury brands.”

The Angels Landing project is a combined venture of Angels Landing Partners LLC, The Peebles Corporation, Claridge Properties, and MacFarlane Partners. Handel Architects is the designing company who is in charge of the overall architectural designing.

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