The Art and Science of Luxury Interiors

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written by Stephanie Kratz of Stephanie Kratz Interiors

Everyone loves nice things. Some just prefer to hide it more than others. If you ever feel bad buying luxury items, you really shouldn’t. Whether it’s buying a handbag for hundreds of dollars or new cabinets for thousands, it’s a smart investment. Luxury interiors are especially hard to resist. We’re just wired to live in posh environments. The more comfortable you are inside your home, the happier you are to come home and unwind. Luxury homes are always a hot commodity for this reason, among others.

If you were ever curious as to why, no matter how poor or successful somebody is, we are attracted to luxury home ideas and design? Well, we can help shed some light on this phenomenon using principles of art and science.

Self-Indulgence & Self-Care

Life can be a cruel game sometimes on our emotional well-being. We are taught that through suffering and sacrifice, we become better people. If we experience the worst, we can appreciate the best…better? When you say it out loud, it kind of sounds crazy. This idea that being self-indulgent is bad is only true if your indulgence harms others. But, time and time again, we see people refusing to pamper themselves, even after working so hard. The truth is, self-care is an important key to long-term success.

Wealthy people know how to keep their wealth, but they also know how to spend it. If you’re debating the value of luxury home ideas, you should think about how much it’s going to make you feel better. It’s hard to put a price tag on your mental health. So, don’t.

Self-Esteem & Luxury Goods

Try this exercise to figure out what you need in your life right now to make you feel better about yourself. Besides things like career advancements, marriage, and etc., which luxury goods do you yearn for? Clothes, cars, and houses always top the list, of course.

Clothes and cars are pretty straight-forward, but luxury home ideas are much more open-ended. Do you already live in a nice home and neighborhood? Well, how about upgrading your interior with some luxurious interior design ideas? The living room and kitchen can add a tremendous value to your home, both monetarily and emotionally. Think about how amazing it would be to redo your countertops with granite or marble. Don’t let the thought of how much it will cost prevent you from realizing your dreams. Think about how good it will feel transforming your kitchen space in such a significant way. Every day, if you invest in luxury home decoration ideas, your home will act as a continuous endorphins factory. Your confidence and self-esteem are constantly replenished every time you step foot in your home.

How’s that for a prescription for stress, depression, or anxiety? Just step into your kitchen and be a celebrity chef for the day!

You’re Not “Too Poor” for Luxury

Studies have shown that while the majority of America is living paycheck to paycheck, it doesn’t mean you stop wanting luxurious things. When someone spends all the spare change they saved over a year on a handbag or the latest MacBook, they don’t groan about it and feel guilty. If you want quality, you do what it takes to have it!

Just look at poorer parts of the world, where even those who live in 1-bedroom apartments will invest in good furniture. Someone who lives in a crappy place will still own a nice suit because everyone has a source of luxury that helps them succeed in life. When it comes to luxury home ideas, we are lucky to have such a wide range of choices. You don’t need to live in a multi-million dollar mansion to qualify for luxury home decoration ideas. In fact, many prefer the look of a standard suburban home on the outside; exquisite luxury interiors on the inside with all the trappings of a smart home. Makes things a bit harder for the would-be criminal to judge whether a house is holding a lot of valuables, as well.

Living a life of luxury is also about the state of mind. Investing in nice things is investing in yourself. You deserve to rub shoulders with the best, so look like it.

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Celebrate Authenticity

Luxury goods are often marred with markets full of cheaper knockoffs and bad counterfeit attempts. Rather than taking the gamble, you should simply invest in the real deal. Your conscious will eat away at whatever confidence you gained by buying a bootleg Hermes bag or Jordan sneakers.

When it comes to your home, well, you get what you pay for. This could mean furniture that breaks at the seams, fake or dyed cabinets that fade or fall apart, etc. Luxury living furniture is hand-made, customized, and incomparable in execution. An experienced luxury interior designer doesn’t operate in ‘bargains’ or cheaper alternatives. Putting an artist into a box is just asking for disappointment. When you call around looking for interior decorators for a budget of under $10,000, for example, you’re going to get compromises and Ikea looks. Nothing against Ikea, it’s just not a place you go for luxury or novel designs.


Living in Luxury Interiors

There’s no doubt about it that a home designed with luxury in-mind will stand out among the sea of real estate. Luxury interiors invite peace, creativity, and happiness into the home. Our brains are wired to appreciate extraordinary colors, textures, and patterns. Don’t let the depth of the steps towards living a life of luxury keep you from climbing them. Live life in the now and transform your most important spaces into your oasis. You’re never too late to update your interior design.

Stephanie Kratz Interiors can take your dream and make it a reality. If you plan on building a new home, we can maximize your investment and play off its architecture. If you’re ready to hear some luxury home ideas for your spaces, go ahead and sign up for a consultation and in-person meeting.