The Appeal of Real Estate and Lifestyles in Kentucky

Daniel Boone National Forest | Image credit: Lori Stevens

The pandemic has encouraged many people to seek residency in states with abundant natural beauty, laid-back towns, and affordable lifestyle options. Kentucky has recently opened many eyes on all accounts and has become a popular relocation destination in the American South. 

There is a lot to love about life in Kentucky. This picturesque state is framed by the Appalachian Mountains and boasts gorgeous scenery, a unique history, and a vibrant culture. Let’s explore some of the best aspects of the Kentucky lifestyle that makes it a hotspot for real estate buyers.


Those who plan a move to Kentucky are likely to initially notice that home prices are moderate. In recent years, the U.S. has experienced a real estate surge that has priced many out of more competitive markets, but Kentucky prices remain affordable. Redfin reports that the median sales price of a home in Kentucky is currently about $230,000, making it one of the most affordable states in the country.

Many of Kentucky’s cities have real estate listings at prices even lower than the statewide median. For example, Oil Springs is a charming small town, home to a population of just under 1,000. It is known for its scenic natural settings and friendly community that make it an excellent place to live, and according to, the median listing price of a home in this city is currently $195,000


Scenic Natural Attractions

Kentucky’s incredible access to natural scenery significantly adds to its appeal for many looking to live there. The state boasts an abundance of mountains, forests, lakes, and unspoiled environments. Beneath lies a world-famous cave system that includes jaw-dropping caverns within Mammoth Cave National Park, and rocky landscapes explored by climbers, hikers, and bikers, including the extremely popular Daniel Boone National Forest. Many of Kentucky’s pleasant cities and towns are near these amazing attractions.

Somerset is a small town, home to around 12,000 residents. It has the affordability buyers seek from Kentucky homes and incredible nearby nature. Somerset is situated along the edges of Lake Cumberland, a popular hotspot for boating, fishing, swimming, and sunbathing during Kentucky’s humid summers. It is also just a short 20-mile drive from the famed Daniel Boone National Forest, which has hundreds of thousands of acres of forested landscapes ripe for exploration.

Cumberland Falls | Image credit: Lauren Barton

Kentucky Culture

Kentucky’s vibrant culture and history still thrive today and can be found throughout the state in its many charming places, from small towns to big cities. Whether it is the state’s fantastic food scene, which includes delectable southern-style dishes and barbecue, or the unmatched bourbon, horse racing, and musical culture, there is much to uncover about this state.

Owensboro stands out among the many cities in Kentucky to get a firsthand experience of the state’s famed culture. This is a busy city along the Ohio River, home to more than 60,000 residents. Owensboro is famed for its musical legacy as one of the birthplaces of Kentucky’s bluegrass music scene and houses the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum. There are many live music venues throughout the city, and the food scene here is exceptional.

Louisville | Image credit: Miles Manwaring
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