The Appeal of Living in Southern New Jersey

With many excellent towns and cities to visit, South Jersey offers an excellent lifestyle and gorgeous scenery. Let’s dive into what makes life in South Jersey so appealing.

Affordable Real Estate

A significant chunk of Northern New Jersey suffers from massive real estate prices. The area’s proximity to New York City plays a role in the area’s high demand and inflated home costs. This isn’t the case in South Jersey. Home costs here are generally much more affordable.

In areas like Camden, Gloucester Township, and Vineland, homes are listed for well under the national average price. Cherry Hill homes are slightly more pricey, but even there, they are still largely affordable for most buyers. Home costs in South New Jersey won’t break the bank for the average person, which only increases the desirability of the market.

Coastal Living

One of the best aspects of living in New Jersey is the beautiful Atlantic Coast scenery many residents enjoy regularly. While the state’s northern and southern regions have large stretches of coastal areas, the southern region has many of the most popular destinations for those heading down to the shore.

South Jersey is home to some of the most popular spots on the Jersey Shore, including Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Cape May. These are places known for boardwalks, beaches, and boating, and the opportunity to live so close to the ocean is a dream for many.

Mid-Sized Cities with Easy Access to Urban Centers

Living in a big city has pros and cons, but the lifestyle doesn’t appeal to everyone. There are many excellent neighborhoods for residents of South Jersey. However, just about all the primary cities in the area are mid-sized.

South Jersey does not have a city with a population of more than 80,000, but has more than 15 cities with a population of more than 30,000. It is an area filled with small to mid-sized cities, where residents have many benefits of big city life without some downsides. And if you want to experience the big city life for a day or two, Philadelphia is only a short drive from much of South Jersey.

Outdoor Appeal

South Jersey isn’t a dense urban environment; it has become a hub for outdoor recreation lovers. We’ve mentioned the appeal of the coastal scenery, but there is more to South Jersey’s natural environment. South Jersey has lush forest scenery, stunning blue lakes, and incredible wildlife.

Numerous campgrounds across South Jersey see many tourists arrive in the summer, from Wading Pines Camping Resort to Hospitality Creek Campground. South Jersey is also an agricultural hub and a significant wine region. Come autumn, many flock here for wine tours and tastings.

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