Sustainable Home Designs Taking Over

Green is in – and that’s one design trend everyone seems to be in agreement with. Environmental conscientiousness is at the forefront of almost every discussion and interior design is capitalizing on the opportunity to infuse nature-friendly aspects into the home. We’ve rounded up the top sustainable home designs popping up.

Natural Materials

A serene environment is easily achievable with the use of natural materials like wood, stone and concrete. These materials lay the foundation of an organic landscape evoking a calming energy. With wood, veer towards lighter shades to create an open and airy space that reflects light. Concrete accents work well to add a flourish of a naturalistic look without going for the obvious with concrete flooring or fixtures. While using stone for countertops or walls reflects a modern twist to a rooms appearance.

Earth Tones

Gone are muted tones and taking its place are earthy hues. Saturate your home in shades of yellow, brown and red. The allure of rich colors to illuminate the home has taken root in the design sphere with the popular colors showing up everywhere.

Living Walls

The popularity of decorating with plants has exploded with plants of every kind being used to inject natural elements in the home. Taking things a step further, is the “living wall.” This vertical garden – if you will – is great to add a unique design feature to the home. If you’re short on space, this is a creative way to use greenery in your design plans without creating clutter. Yet this design trend goes beyond aesthetic – the functionality of this design is it improves air quality and improves health.

Green Roofs

Another trend that strengthens the move to biophilia is creating green roofs. A slew of luxury buildings opening up in hot ticket locations like New York City, Dallas, Chicago and Miami have been quick to adopt the trend. Like living walls, green roofs offer practical benefits. They are much more durable than standard roofs and more energy efficient.

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