Summer Trends with Jessica Love of Urbane Design

Jessica Love, Interior Designer/Principal

Jessica Love has the unique ability to harness what makes her clients truly unique and bring those traits to life through interior design. She believes that confidence in our lives begin with a well-designed, carefully thought out home. These traits have built her a loyal clientele over the last 15 years who value her transparency and the ease she brings to the design process. We heard from her about tips to revamp your summer space, and much more!

How did you get your start in interior design?

Design has always been part of my being. When I was young, I’d frequently rearrange my bedroom, accessorize shelves, and collect fabric and scraps to build furniture for my Barbies. I received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Sam Houston State University, and began my business the day after I graduated.

Photo Credit: Sarah Natsumi Moore

I truly believe that good design builds a close connection with users and greatly influences their lives. I am confident this is what I was meant to do.

As the weather warms up, what are some ways that homeowners can update their interior or exterior living spaces?

I find with changing seasons it is important to revisit spaces that you spend a lot of time in. When revamping a space that has been occupied for some time, I like to begin by removing clutter and doing a deep cleaning in order to see the room through a fresh lens. I always recommend removing items that you don’t love and no longer speak to you. From there, you can add new paint, refresh throw pillows, mix up existing art, or move furnishings in other spaces within your home. This is an easy, low cost way to update your surroundings.

Do you have any predictions for design trends that will be more popular this summer?

A lot of the summer trends I’m seeing are inspired by nature. I’m seeing a lot of arched doorways, modern wood paneling, and outdoor living spaces. I’m also noticing a continued trend in statement tiles, wallpaper, built-in seating and bookcases, and bold pops of color!

Photo Credit: Sarah Natsumi Moore

What color palette would you recommend for someone who wants to lighten up their space?

The perfect light color palette depends on a ton of different factors, such as the amount of natural vs. artificial light in the room, your furniture, art, and the room layout. So, it’s hard to recommend one palette because every space is different! I’d say as a general rule, though, if you want to lighten up a room you should think about removing or replacing heavy, unused furnishings with smaller pieces in lighter tones. Also, consider a bright color for the walls and bring in more light sources (either natural or artificial). This will help the space feel larger and airier.

Photo Credit: Sarah Natsumi Moore

Is there a recent project you worked on or an upcoming project that you’re excited about?

We are working on quite a few exciting projects at the moment! We are designing a big, modern home from the ground up for a really fun, young family in Abilene. The builder says it’s going to be the talk of the town for years to come! We are also remodeling a home in the historic district of East Austin and our client has her eye on Periwinkle kitchen cabinets.