Stunning Alberta Mountain Towns

Alberta is famed across the world for its natural beauty. From icy mountaintops to sparkling turquoise waters, it is a one-of-a-kind province that draws countless visitors every season to see first-hand all the natural wonders it offers. There are numerous towns and cities in Alberta with rare views and picturesque scenery, with many stunning mountain towns that provide a perfect base to enjoy all the province offers. Let’s explore five different Alberta mountain towns that embody the incredible lifestyle Alberta can offer its residents.


Canmore is a town set to the west of Calgary, located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. It is one of Alberta’s best-known mountain towns, a beautiful and quiet community home to under 15,000 residents. Canmore has several incredible mountain landmarks, including the Grassi Lakes Trail in Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, which has some of the stunning turquoise lakes that Alberta is known for.

Canmore receives a consistent supply of tourists from around the world, as its straight-out-of-a-postcard look makes it an incredibly desirable place to visit and stay. It has top-notch hiking trails, golf courses, cross country skiing, and mountain bike trails. It is the perfect place for outdoor lovers, with stunning natural scenery.


Waterton is a scenic little town located just above the United States border of Montana, on the far west end of Alberta. Waterton is lifted from a storybook, with a unique location that makes it perfect for outdoor exploration. Waterton is situated on Waterton lakes and is surrounded by Mount Boswell, Mount Alderson, and other high peaks. It is also right on the famed Waterton Lakes National Park.

Waterton has several lodges, resorts, and tourism attractions that make the town much busier than its small population might suggest. It is one of the best places on the planet for hiking, with trails winding through the mountains and along the lake. If you are in Waterton at the right time of year, you may even glimpse the Northern Lights, but each Waterton season has its own unique beauty.


Banff is one of Canada’s most famous resort towns, located inside Banff National Park. Banff is set alongside Mount Rundle and Mount Cascade, two of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, and it is year-round filled with tourists seeking to enjoy its natural beauty. Banff is one of the best places in Alberta for skiing, with resorts like Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay, and much more.

The town itself is a bustling tourism hub, with trendy restaurants, boutique shops, and lodge-style hotels. The town has a vibrant nightlife and great nearby golf courses, but is also a hotspot for animal lovers. The area is known to be home to elk and grizzlies.


Jasper is another famous town in Alberta set in the stunning Jasper National Park. Jasper National Park is located in the Rockies, with glacial lakes that are the most stunning shades of blue. The town is a local tourism center with many features that help residents make the most out of the incredible location. The Jasper SkyTram visits the summit of Whistler Mountain and provides an incredible view of the downtown.

There are also some of the top hiking trails in the province and many distinguishing features that make Jasper special. It is home to the tallest mountain in the province, Mount Columbia, and has Maligne Lake, the second-largest glacial-fed lake in the world. It is as naturally beautiful a place as there is in the province.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise might be Alberta’s most iconic mountain location, a stunning village set in Banff National Park. Lake Louise has been the subject of postcards and screensavers worldwide, as the iconic turquoise glacier lake the town is named for is one of Canada’s most recognizable natural landmarks. There is more to Lake Louise than just the lake itself, as there is a top-notch ski resort located within it that is one of the biggest and most highly touted ski resorts in North America.

The town is popular amongst skiers and skaters in the winter and is a hotspot for swimming and hiking in the summer. It is a true outdoor hub that represents the appeal of the Alberta mountain lifestyle.