Southern New Jersey Towns Perfect to Make a Home

Northern New Jersey is right across the water from New York City, the most populated place in America. The residual effect of this is that much of the population of New Jersey is consolidated in the Northern part, with the biggest cities of Newark and Jersey City staring at views of the Manhattan skyline. However, while most of the residents are in the Northern part of the state, that doesn’t mean the Southern part doesn’t have a ton to offer.

There are countless great towns in Southern New Jersey. Places like West Deptford, Franklin Township, and Monroe all offer quaint towns with relatively low living costs and a high-quality community. With many smaller towns like Haddonfield/Haddon Township and Collingswood offering great proximity to bigger cities like Camden and Philadelphia, you can find the ideal, quiet town suburb to set down roots.

With an abundance of incredible options, narrowing down the best places to live in Southern New Jersey isn’t easy. We’re providing a quick breakdown of some of the many towns in the area that are perfect for making a home.

Southern New Jersey Towns Perfect to Make a Home:

To start us off, we can take a look at Moorestown, Medford, and Cherry Hill. Moorestown is a small town of roughly 20,000, just east of Philadelphia. It is a historic area that was first settled in the late 17th century, but today it is a quaint little town with great schools and an abundance of affordable and high-quality home options only a short drive from Philadelphia.

Medford is a short drive east of Moorestown. It has a population of just over 20,000. It is known for being a historic and pleasant place to make a home. They have great shopping, historic houses, and an old-fashioned atmosphere. They are also close to the lovely Medford Lakes. Cherry Hill is right near Camden, a very short drive from Philadelphia, just Northwest of Evesham. It has a population of 70,000. It is a wealthy area that is primarily a suburb of Philadelphia. It has an interesting history and is a central hub for shopping and entertainment.

Other areas include Woolwich, Harrison Township, and Voorhees. All three are a short-to-medium length drive away from Philadelphia. Woolwich is a quiet town that is hundreds of years old with a rich history and close access to the Delaware River. It is a comfortable and peaceful little historic suburb.

Harrison Township is also right near the Delaware River, and it is a growing community of 12,000. It is a popular place for hiking and spending time on the water, and there are also nearby wineries. Voorhees is another Philadelphia suburb that is known for its tight-knit community and tons of great outdoor spaces. They have top-notch trails and high-quality restaurants.

Many New Jersey residents are situated on the southeastern side of the state, right on or a short drive from the Delaware River. This includes Cinnaminson, Southampton, and Mount Laurel. Cinnaminson is a suburb of Philadelphia with a small population of just over 16,000. It is a family-friendly area with numerous parks and lakes nearby, as well as museums. It also has one of New Jersey’s top indoor entertainment centers at Speed Raceway.

Southampton is further east, and it is a great town for nature lovers, right near Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. There are tons of great hiking trails, quaint homes, and bustling public spaces. To the west, due south of Burlington, you’ll find Mount Laurel. Mount Laurel is a family-friendly suburb with luxury real estate options. It is home to many affluent Philadelphians seeking a quieter area, and it has a great walkable downtown area the locals and visitors love.

Two more highly-touted areas in Southern New Jersey include Waterford and Vineland. Waterford is a quiet town of 10,000 not far from Camden and Philadelphia. It is right near Wharton State Forest and is well-known for its long-stretching history, having been founded in the late 1600s. It has a thriving business community with great shops and restaurants with everything a resident could want or need.

Vineland is a city removed from the Camden/Philadelphia area, further south in the state. It has a bustling population of 60,000 and a great local culture. It has a promising art scene, numerous gorgeous outdoor spaces nearby, such as Parvin State Park and even wineries. It is a great little city with something for everyone.

While we could keep going indefinitely because the great options in Southern New Jersey are endless, the last two places we’ll discuss are Egg Harbor Township and Manchester Township. Egg Harbor Township is on the southeast end of the state, not far from Atlantic City. It is close to Atlantic Ocean beaches and has a lot of unique attractions. Storybook Land is a fairytale theme park, and Egg Harbor has numerous breweries and top-notch restaurants that make it a great destination.

Further north, Manchester Township offers great proximity to the water and incredible outdoor scenery. It is most infamous as the site of the Hindenburg Crash in 1937, but there is much more to it than that. Manchester Township is a quiet but pleasant town that has a lot of appealing attractions. One of the most intriguing is the Brooksbrae Brick Factory, an outdoor graffiti hub with unique local art.

These are just some of the many incredible Southern New Jersey towns that make for great living.