Remodeling & Design Tips with Marie Burgos

Marie is an interior designer and founder of the eponymous Marie Burgos Design Collection, a growing line of home furnishings. Her visual vernacular spans a wide range of styles, reflected in her work on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

1) Rethink Your Layout 

In the case of this space, we did an entire remodeling and re-oriented the living space to face a newly designed entertainment center.

The foyer was opened and ceiling raised to create a more specious entryway. The kitchen was remodeled and opened to the living room to create a more spacious layout and let more natural light in.

2) Open the Kitchen to the Living Space

We created a peninsula and seating area by opening the kitchen to the living room. This is a great way to revamp a space and add functionality and let the light in. In this case, the owners were welcoming their first baby. The kitchen being opened to the living room allows the parents to watch their newborn from the living room while cooking as well as being part of the conversation when guests are in the living room.

3) Add Functionality to Your Home

We revamped the kitchen by integrating updated appliances and new cabinets with a much needed pantry.. using every inches of this gallery kitchen to add functionality. The color palette is a light grey, fitted with brass handles and faucet for a little luxury. The herringbone 2” x 8” high gloss tiles  from AKDO dress up the walls with a modem luminous approach.

4) Let the Light In

The openness of the space helps letting the light in with its large windows. We also added much needed lighting by integrating recessed lights in the kitchen, pendant lights over the new island,  as well as installing a featured modern chandelier in the living room. The island pendants are a beautiful copper which creates a beautiful transition to the warmer tones of the living room.

5) Choose a Color Palette That Resonates with You

The light color palette brings in a very serene environment and keeps the space airy and inviting. The clients had this art piece commissioned for them which was the inspiration for the color palette.  I chose Fog Mist by Benjamin Moore for the wall color. It offers subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil, serene environments. The furniture are modern apartment pieces in pastel colors layered with textures and a few punches of deeper tones. The coffee table is a classic reproduction of the Noguchi table which offers a freeform elegant center piece.

On a Feng Shui aspect, I integrated all 5 natural elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, wood) and balanced the Yin and Yang of the space with clean, straight line pieces paired with curves, hard surfaces next to soft and plush ones… This to create a balanced and harmonious interior.

6) Integrate Some Vintage Elements.

The oversized mirror was made by a family member and is showcased in a primed space, bringing in a vintage handmade crafted piece and lots of character.

7) Create a Focal Point 

We created a living room focal point by integrating a custom millwork library fitted with a landscape electrical fireplace for all happy days wether rains or shines. It also provided storage and a showcase area for family memorabilia. This personalized the home.

8) Make a Conversational Area

The layout is designed to spark conversations with multiple seatings in this small living room. The Bludot sectional sofa provides much needed comfort and the smaller seating brings in color and extra seating to entertain.

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