Reasons Why Many New Yorkers are Moving to Atlanta

New York, otherwise known as ‘the city that never sleeps,’ was one of the most popular destinations in America to settle in. However, the tables have drastically turned for New York’s residents. What was once one of the best places to live in America has gradually deteriorated and compelled many of its residents to move out. Atlanta has become a center of attention for those looking to move out of New York. But you might be wondering why, exactly?

The Stats

New York had seen an all-time high in geographic mobility in 2019, the start of the pandemic. However, things did not stop there. Since 2019, record-breaking numbers have been enlisted each passing year for people moving out of New York, temporarily or permanently. Simultaneously, Georgia was listed amongst the top 10 states where people were shifting to.

The U.S. Census Bureau stated that around 14,641 people moved out of New York during 2019. The number of new residents in Georgia was approximately 284,500, increasing the total population to about 10.5 million. The numbers continued to grow in terms of people shifting out of New York at a shocking 487% increase, with 110,978 people having moved out of the city in 2020.

Why Are People Moving From New York to Atlanta?

For New York residents, the densely populated area has become a growing issue over the years. The living conditions keep worsening with time, so much that Andrea Wilhelm, a software designer living in the city for over 30 years, quotes in her interview with BBC, “New York is not dead, but it is on life support.” Alternatively, Atlanta is now a magnet for domestic movers. Here are some reasons that contributed to this shift:

1. The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot on a global scale. One primary concern for those living in New York was that the city became an epicenter during the ongoing pandemic. As one of the most crowded areas in the country, and even globally, individuals began fearing for the heightened risks of contracting the virus while living in a city where the population is overflowing. On the other hand, Atlanta proved as a more peaceful destination, where residential areas are not as heavily populated.

2. Living Expenses

The cost of living in Atlanta is reported to be 2% lower than the average income. Contrastingly, New Yorkers have a hard time paying rent or keeping their monthly expenses afloat, as New York makes its way to one of the most expensive cities in America. While New York residents have to deal with small, shady, and contiguous residential areas, Atlanta residents enjoy better residential properties at reasonable prices.

3. Job Opportunities

Another blow to New Yorkers forcing them to leave is the significantly low percentage of employment rates. On average, New York only has an employment rate of 1.1%, which is incredibly low for the densely populated city. Additionally, since the pandemic, even high-earning New Yorkers have reported a decrease in their quality of life. 21% of the population remains unemployed, specifically minorities. With its booming economy and more job opportunities than ever, Atlanta has become a hub for young individuals trying to settle in.

4. Improved Lifestyle

Besides the living expenses and job opportunities, Atlanta is several steps ahead of New York regarding lifestyle too, which is why many have relocated there. Residents of Atlanta get to enjoy a peaceful but also lively city life. There’s a lot to do in Atlanta without the risk of accelerating street crimes compared to the fear of living in New York.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the advantages of relocating to Atlanta have given New Yorkers reasons good enough for making the decision. The stats predict that Atlanta will continue to expand, with more residents and a striving economy, as New Yorkers move out.