Real Estate with Vision with Zina Kaufman

Zina continues to enjoy the vibrant life of Chicago and explore all of the new places and events it has to offer. Zina graduated from Loyola University with a dual degree in Psychology and Business Administration while studying market and human behavior, this served as a catalyst to help her succeed in Real Estate field. Zina has always had a passion for lifestyle creation, which is why she was drawn to the real estate industry.

Zina has always had a passion for lifestyle creation, which is why she was drawn to the real estate industry.

Prior to working at @properties as a real estate agent, Zina had rewarding experiences in various corporations that allowed her to hone her skills in management, negotiations and client services growing into the outstanding agent she is today.

Zina’s priority is to act as a trusted resource and advisor to her clients and make the experience both pleasurable and hassle-free. Zina attributes her major success to using this approach, which is demonstrated by the 90% client referral and high number of repeat clients. Zina’s passion for Chicago and North Shore dates back to 1992 when she first moved here from Russia.

As a client, you’ll receive a top-of-the-line experience and unparalleled service. Zina works solely with professionals who are credited with the best services in fields anywhere from appraisers and photographers to attorneys. By paying key attention to every detail, Zina has perfected her buying and selling strategy from beginning to end and makes the process impeccably smooth.

From sellers and buyers to investors and renters, Zina makes sure that you’re taken care of as a client. As an aficionado in market analysis, technological tools, and negotiation, Zina has the uncanny ability to sell a home in as fast as five days. She’s even been known to negotiate home prices down to almost 10%. As a local of North Shore, you can find Zina supporting several of the impactful charities and cultural events held throughout Chicago — when she is not cheering for Blackhawks!

Also, since Zina’s a culinary connoisseur, you’ll most likely spot her at one of the hottest restaurants or hidden gems in any of the North Shore neighborhoods. Working with Zina you’ll find a trusted and reliable partnership, from finding the right solution to managing the full process.

Client Testimonials

“This was our first home sale. Zina explained the process very well with a lot of detail. She made the process very easy for us. We felt confident that we chose the best professional to help us with the sale of our home. Zina is very knowledgeable, personable and honest. I really appreciated the fact that she gave us a peace of mind through this whole process.”

“We were recently on the market to buy our first home. Zina was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t be happier. She has provided an outstanding service. Zina is very knowledgeable about the market and what is out there, she has given us very good advice and made the whole process very easy. We’ll gladly recommend Zina as an agent to our friends. Thank you Zina!”

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