Q&A with June Quan of Sip Matcha

As a real estate agent, attorney, restaurant owner, and blogger, June Quan is taking L.A. by storm. Her blog, Stir and Style (IG @stirandstyle), has amassed a number of followers on Instagram while her restaurants Matcha Sip, Shrimp Daddy, and Chichi Dango are serving some of the tastiest culinary dishes.

What are some of the neighborhoods you’ve noticed experiencing more buyer demand and what do you think are the forces creating that?

Eagle Rock has been on my radar. You can get more space and newer remodels for a better price. For young families it’s a great place to settle down as the streets and neighborhoods are quiet and there are highly rated schools in the area.

What are a few key trends that you’ve noticed are happening now in L.A. real estate?

I’ve noticed that in Los Angeles proper, one story homes are harder to find now.

Whether it be due to the listing price or unique circumstances, what is your most significant sale as of late?

One of my favorite and more rewarding sales was finding a home for one of Dan’s personal training clients! Dan and I have also started our own search and are enjoying the process from a different perspective.

What are some ways you bring your amazing sense of style into the real estate sector?

Each sale and each client is so unique that I think instead of focusing on what my sense of style is, I always focus on understanding my client’s style and what they are looking for to best serve their needs.

Your blog has amassed a number of followers, what inspired you to get into style and food trends?

I’ve always loved food for as long as I can remember. There are videos of me eating noodles in my high chair using baby chopsticks. Even as an attorney and real estate agent, I’ve always envisioned a career focused around food.

Not only are you a realtor in the L.A. area but also an owner of several restaurants (Sip/Shrimp Daddy/Chichi Dango), how do you find the time to balance your schedule?

Time management is so important to keep my life in order and to perform at my peak. I think it’s so important to keep balance in my life. For example, my husband is a personal trainer, so it’s part of our lifestyle to stay active and ensure that we make time in our busy schedules to keep our bodies healthy.

For someone trying Sip Matcha for the first time - what would be a must-try combo on the menu?

For someone trying Sip Matcha for the first time, I want to first share that we source our matcha from Japan from a 100 year old farm and vet the farms ourselves every year (we are heading out there in May for harvest season). When you drink our matcha, you are ingesting pure stone ground matcha leaves packed with loads of antioxidants, vitamins, and L-Theanine which helps you absorb the caffeine at a gradual rate so you don’t get the jitters or the crash. It’s my favorite superfood! A great introductory combo to Sip Matcha is our Aloe Matcha (every person who tries matcha for the first time loves this one) and a salmon Onimatcha (our twist on a rice ball made with matcha rice).

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