Q&A: Miami Real Estate Trends with Janet Ben Zvi

Janet Ben Zvi, Florida Luxury Sales Realtor

Janet Ben Zvi is at the top of her game in driving significant sales and financing in South
Florida’s most prestigious projects. With multi-million dollar listings on the market for clients like DJ Khaled, Zvi is finely tuned into the buying and selling process of high-end real estate. We spoke with her to find out the hottest real estate trends in Miami and much more!

What are some of the neighborhoods you’ve noticed experiencing more buyer demand
and what do you think are the forces creating that?

Janet Ben Zvi: Miami Beach is very popular given its lifestyle and all that it offers with restaurants, entertainment, schools, parks, beaches, and safety. Whether it is nightlife, fine cuisine or Arts/Culture, Miami has it all. There’s an opportunity for those buyers because we have more inventory than we’ve ever had. Recognized throughout South Florida as pioneers of the tropical modern “Architectural revolution”.

What are the key trends happening now that you expect to persist over the next 10 years and have a large impact on Miami Beach, specifically?

JBZ: I would say people want more than ever to be in lower tax locations. We are seeing an influx of people migrating from states like NY and California here due to the tax situation. You add on to it states that have to deal with severe winter weather and it makes Miami Beach even more desirable. We are seeing more tech companies and hedge funds find their homes here. Miami and the beaches will be direct beneficiaries of this.

Whether it be due to listing price or unique circumstances, what is your most significant sale as of late?

JBZ: On November 2018, I was involved in a mega sale of a hotel with a sticker price of $110 Million representing the seller with NDA.

How have you overcome the typical challenges associated with scaling your services so quickly?

JBZ: I have strong marketing support, I am proud and fortunate to be part of a global network. I want my clients to have the best services by giving their properties the maximum exposure worldwide. 

Your name continuously stands at the forefront of Miami real estate, what has been the key to that success?

JBZ: I continue to create both national and international relationships. I stay in touch with a tremendous amount of Sotheby’s International Realty’s world-class agents around the world and we collaborate on many projects together. When working with my clients, I do my best to truly understand what their needs are. I am driven with incredible perseverance that leads my clients to entrust me with their business. My passion is to match my buyer with the property of their dreams. 

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