Q&A: Miami Housing Market with Nancy Batchelor

Nancy Batchelor continues to be at the top of her game, as her real estate company is ranked as the top agency in South Florida. We sat down with her to find out more about what’s trending, what buyers are searching for, and much more!

What are some of the neighborhoods you’ve noticed experiencing more buyer demand and what do you think are the forces creating that?

Miami Beach is very popular given its lifestyle and all that it offers with restaurants, entertainment, schools, parks, beaches, and safety. It continues to be popular because it gives the type of lifestyle that these young families are looking for. There’s an opportunity for those buyers because we have more inventory than we’ve ever had. Ultimately, we have more inventory at lower price points and more opportunities.

What are the key trends happening now that you expect to persist over the next 10 years and have a large impact on Miami Beach, specifically?

There is an appetite for modern style and more uber luxury. In the last 12 months, there have been 19 single family homes sold in Miami Beach that were priced at $10 million or higher. They were all newer-built, more modern and contemporary. It’s truly incredible that many homes were sold in that price range.

Whether it be due to the listing price or unique circumstances, what is your most significant sale as of late?

In January, I had a number of large sales. I sold a brand new waterfront townhome at $6.1 million that required 60 months of inventory.

As a realtor, I coordinated staging the property and participated in some of the costs. What I’ve learned is that people need to visualize their home and their lifestyle. With staging it and using aggressive marketing tactics, we were able to sell the lifestyle that the buyer desired and it was sold within a few months.

How have you overcome the typical challenges associated with scaling your services so quickly?

I have a strong marketing team, great staging team, and overall incredible team members. The bottom line is that we work a lot and we really care, we like to treat people the way that we want to be treated. We work seven days a week, we do more advertising and more open houses. That’s what moves the needle.

Your name continuously stands at the forefront of Miami real estate - with your agency being ranked as the #1 agency in South Florida and Top 3 in Miami Beach - what has been the key to that success?

The leadership of the company keeps us well informed. Our president, Ron Sheffield, is known for the facts and we’re very aware of inventory levels and what’s selling.

Everybody is lacking in time so we try to do our best to accurately present the market, know our competition, and know what’s happening. Buyers are much savvier now than in previous years. They know the price per square foot but what we have to do is be a resource that goes beyond real estate. Being informed in areas such as types of neighborhoods, different types of families and their needs, and the type of school. We have resources to help people whether it be contractors, painters, closet builders, or tutors.

I’m very involved in the community with the arts center with Fairchild Botanical Gardens, Dade County Public School, as well as contributions to the neighborhood where I live in Miami Beach.

Everyone on my team has a good grasp of the South Florida lifestyle whether it be boating, art galleries, shopping, restaurants, biking or horseback riding. There’s always something to do all year-round.

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