Q&A: Miami Food Scene with Stacy Moya

As a food blogger, writer for Eater (Miami) and contributor to HuffPost, Stacy Moya is
completely tapped into the Miami food scene.

Her blog, Best Food Miami (IG @bestfoodmiami), has amassed a number of followers on Instagram, along with her personal account (@stacymoya) where she shows off some of the tastiest dishes in the area.

We heard from Moya about the best cuisine Miami has to offer, restaurants you don’t want to miss, and much more!

What prompted you to start @bestfoodmiami?

I was reached out to by the BestFoodFeed organization when they first developed the MyFab5 app and asked me to run their Instagram page. I, along with Katy Lynch, helped it grow into what it is today. I also write for Eater (Miami) and have contributed to HuffPost and Coral Gables Love.

Are there any up and coming Miami food trends we should know about?

Food halls are a big trend right now with my favorite being Yumbrella in South Miami because it features three concepts from my most favorite chef, Adrianne Calvo; Cracked by Chef Adrianne, Noods, and The Beverly Creamery. She is the queen of maximum flavor.

Is there a cuisine you enjoy blogging about the most?

Not necessarily a cuisine in particular. I enjoy blogging about flavorful food and delicious
cocktails. Food and drink that truly tantalizes the taste buds and that you think about for days after.

How has your blog changed the way you eat at restaurants?

Being a blogger, I get invited to a lot of restaurants and I have the opportunity to meet new chefs, as well as the masters, and try their new dishes and cocktails. I have learned to appreciate quality over quantity and by that I mean that I prefer to pay for good food and drink rather than mediocre for free.

Are there any quintessential Miami restaurants you’d recommend to first time visitors?

Hands down Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant in West Kendall followed by Palmar in
Wynwood. First time visitors should also try a Cuban sandwich and, for that, I recommend
Sanguich Miami on famed Calle Ocho. Read any of my articles on Eater (Miami) for my

Is there anything surprising you’ve learned about food blogging since you started Best
Food Miami?

Sadly, yes. I’ve learned that some chefs can’t take criticism and that is very unfortunate because I don’t just eat out, I cook, too. My mother was an excellent chef and I learned her ways at a very young age. I enjoy recreating dishes and cocktails I enjoy and sharing them with my family and friends, so I know a thing or two about flavors and what people like.

What’s the most mind-blowing dish you’ve experienced?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Chef Adrianne’s five diamond reserve filet
mignon—it just melts in your mouth. Other mind blowing dishes include anything that the Chang Gang chefs make at Itamae inside St. Roch Market, and Chef Ray from Palmar’s creations.

Are there any common misconceptions out of towners have regarding the Miami food

I’m certain many out-of-towners think Miami is all Cuban/Latin food and that is not true. Miami’s food scene is a perfect melting pot of all types of cuisine and everything is available here.

What’s the most Instagram-worthy restaurant for someone looking to impress their

This is a tough one because there are just so many. I can’t pick just one.

Is there a signature Miami dish?

I’d have to go with the Miami Sandwich which consists of turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo between pressed Cuban bread, or anything with Miami’s most favorite handheld snack, the croqueta.

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