Fall Interior Design Trends with Lisa Gilmore Design

Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Design, is one of the Southeast’s leading luxury residential designers—known for customized one-of-a-kind interiors that she creates throughout the Tampa Bay area. We caught up with her about upcoming interior design trends for the fall, and more!

How did you get your start in interior design?

This is always such a hard question for me to answer, because I honestly do not remember a time when I wasn’t interested in interior design!

I once ran into my third grade teacher and she giggled when she found out my chosen profession. When I was in her class, I would use free time to draw up “floor plans” of what my new bedroom would be like in my childhood future home. I thought I was pretty great, because my mom taught be how to represent door swings and windows as in a floor plan.

I was one of the few lucky ones who knew exactly what they wanted to pursue when I was getting out of high school. So I put my head down, focused and got my way through design school.

I was fortunate to be able to work with some really great small design firms in central Florida and Chicago, able to really have a hands-on experience and learn the ropes. Upon my return to Florida in 2011, I launched my namesake firm Lisa Gilmore Design and here we are, nearly nine years later, doing the dream every day!

As the weather gets a little cooler, what are some ways that homeowners can update their interior or outdoor living space?

I always love this question, since we are based in Florida. Our “cool weather” is so refreshing to other climates! I am a fan of bringing in cozy textiles, because they can easily be stored and switched out. Since our “cooler” months here are limited, people tend to not want to invest too much on those seasonal items. Back when I worked in Chicago, proposing a cozy mohair sofa was nothing, here people would look at me like I was crazy!

Think throw blankets, pillows and refreshing your bedding for nubby textiles and chunkier weaves. For outdoor, I am a huge fan of a fire pit, that is one way to make a cozy cool weather space and it’s such a great mood.

For long-term suggestions, lighting is key, and make sure all items are on dimmers. That sets a tone for any time of year and any mood you are in!

Do you have any predictions for design trends that’ll become more popular in the Fall?

I am really excited to see people embracing color. I feel like the days of color fear might be getting behind us. (at least I really hope so!)  I am seeing clients craving a little more personality in their homes and not afraid to have fun with it. It feels like the days of looking in catalogs and wanting that entire “one room as shown” approach is fading. At least, that is the type of clientele we are attracting, which is so refreshing.

Another thing is wallpaper, I have been a wallpaper addict for over 14 years now, and we use it in almost every single project. I am happy that people are coming around to it, because it’s definitely something that is a form or art and here to stay. (it actually never went away!)

What color palette would you recommend for someone looking to revamp their home in the upcoming season?

I am a huge advocate for people following what feels right to them. I don’t believe in style boxes or trying to fit yourself into a look or group. If a deep saturated jewel tone palette makes you happy, run with it! If you prefer pastels and pops of bright, let’s go! If a monochromatic approach makes you the most happy, follow it.

My point is, following what truly makes you happy, inspires you, calms your mind and makes you happy to walk into your front door, that is what matter. Because happiness in your home is important and that will never trend out.

Is there a recent project you worked on or an upcoming project that you’re really excited about?

I feel so lucky to say that all of our projects are truly exciting and one of a kind! I love that my firm has established a reputation for designing outside of the box, and all of our projects being so different. We are getting ready to install a modern farmhouse, that is full of color pattern, whimsy and happiness. Currently, we are renovating a traditional Mediterranean style home, and making it more modern with punches of color and personality. We just wrapped up a super chic waterfront vacation condo that has all the elements of a swanky boutique hotel.

All of our projects have such different stories and we love bringing them to life, I feel so fortunate that all of our clients truly trust not only the process of working with a professional interior designer, but also fully trust our creativity, not holding us back, that is when we truly are able to create the magic.

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