Prime Locations in Washington, D.C. Area Offering Unique Lifestyle Attractions

Washington, D.C

The Greater Washington, D.C. area is a vast metroplex that stretches across several states. Washington, D.C. is a hugely important city with a fascinating history that serves as the center for America’s political industry, defense industry, and more. Many towns and cities in or near Washington, D.C., are in prime locations with excellent lifestyle benefits. Whether that is proximity to appealing nature, strong economies, or lively downtown areas, these communities have defining traits that add value to residents’ lives. Let’s look at some of the communities in the Washington, D.C., area in prime locations. 

Arlington National Cemetery

Bethany Beach, DE

Bethany Beach is a beautiful coastal city, although relatively far from D.C., famed for its scenic beach with a boardwalk that runs along the water. The town is busy during the summer and offers quaint local shops and restaurants serving delicious seafood. Delaware Seashore State Park is just outside the city, an ideal place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Ocean City, MD

Ocean City, outside of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, is a vibrant beach town with an idyllic slice of shoreline, with miles of beaches, a bustling boardwalk, theme park attractions, and delicious dining options. It is a popular city for boating, surfing, and fishing and has scenic resorts and residences along the water. 

Ocean City

Purcellville, VA

Purcellville is a pleasant and quaint city just an hour’s drive from D.C. It is known for its high-quality antique stores, farmer’s markets that sell local produce, and many breweries and wineries. It is also a short drive from the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are visible from the town on a clear day.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a thriving city that has long stood as the nation’s capital. D.C. is famed for its scenic parks and trails along the Potomac River and its cherry blossoms. The iconic monuments and museums in the city make it a hotspot for history buffs, and the city’s strong economy makes it a desirable place to live for young professionals. 

Washington, D.C

Salisbury, MD

Salisbury can be found roughly two hours from D.C. This is one of the fastest-growing states in Maryland and its several nearby colleges give it a distinct college-town feel. The downtown is a busy area that includes excellent dining and shopping options, as well as appealing live music venues.

Ocean View, DE

Ocean View is a tiny community that is especially popular amongst retirees. It is situated near Salisbury, so there is easy access to bigger city amenities. Ocean View has a quaint small-town charm and is just a mile from Bethany Beach and its sandy shoreline. Some of its highlights are its fascinating history and excellent real estate options. 

Arlington, VA

Arlington is along the Potomac River just across the water from D.C., making it one of the most popular suburbs in the D.C. metropolitan area. It is the heart of the U.S. defense industry, housing the Pentagon. It is also the site of several important monuments, including the Marine Corps War Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. The city is known for its excellent shopping destinations, high-quality food options, and pleasant parks by the water.

Arlington National Cemetery

Herndon, VA

Herndon is a mid-sized city in the D.C. metropolitan area, just a 35-minute commute to the city. Herndon is an appealing, family-friendly city with excellent schools and parks. The city is known for its strong theater and live entertainment scene, along with its busy downtown with delicious restaurants. The city’s Town Green consistently hosts concerts and performances. 

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