New York City Residences with Relaxing Stress-Relieving Spaces

Yoga studio at The Cortland | Credit: Colin Miller

Everyone needs time to defuse and de-stress, no matter the time of year. As we transition to spring, being outside can help you find that deep relaxation you’ve been looking for, as cool air and blooming flowers create a deeply tranquil environment.

However, in a concrete jungle like New York City, it can be tough to find a quiet and relaxing space away from the noise and action of the city. Luckily, some residences in the city offer spaces specifically designed for residents to relax and unwind. Let’s look at some of the best spaces for stress relief at some New York City condominiums.

212 West 72nd Street’s Meditation and Yoga Garden

212 West 72nd Street is a luxurious condominium on the Upper West Side, known for its airy residences filled with natural light. Although it is just minutes from Central Park and Riverside Park, it also has a quieter and more convenient outdoor venue on the premises.

212 West 72nd’s Outdoor Amenity space, adjacent to the fitness center, is an interior courtyard catered to meditation and yoga. A wooden pergola hangs over a gorgeously landscaped setting with lush plants and flowers. The indoor-outdoor setting is perfect for spring weather, where you can soak up some sun rays, unwind, and enjoy the weather. Its secluded location also makes it a popular spot for private training sessions.

212 West 72nd Street Outdoor Amenity Space | Credit: Recent Spaces

The Cortland’s Yoga Studio

The Cortland is a picturesque brick development designed by world-leading architectural practices Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Olson Kundig. Located in West Chelsea along the Hudson River, it is an architectural marvel with an appealing design inspired by Chelsea’s industrial legacy. Many residents enjoy strolling along the river to unwind and relax, but for others, The Cortland’s yoga studio is their go-to spot.

The private yoga studio is an idyllic setting to find your zen, complete with wood-paneled walls, windows overlooking the city, yoga mats, and other equipment. Residents can participate in group yoga classes or use the space for solitary relaxation time.

Yoga studio at The Cortland | Credit: Colin Miller

No. 33 Park Row’s Outdoor Meditation Deck

No. 33 Park Row, designed by world-renowned architect Richard Rogers and his team at RSHP, has a sleek, glassy design overlooking the City Hall Park in Manhattan’s Civic Center. This 30-home building has many standout features and amenities that optimize the location’s ideal natural light and views, but the outdoor meditation desk might be the best for stress relief.

The outdoor meditation and yoga studio is a deck connected to the building’s fitness center. The deck, overlooking City Hall Park, has wood-paneled floors and plants along its borders that create an earthy atmosphere. Residents can meditate or do yoga among fresh air and stunning views.

Outdoor Meditation Deck at No.33 Park Row | Credit: Donna Dotan