Napa Valley Estate an Incredible Find for Wine Lovers

The United States of America is a massive producer of wine. Every year, according to the World Population Review, the U.S produces over 2.3 million liters of wine, which is the fourth most of any country in the world, behind only three European wine powerhouses, Italy, France, and Spain. The center of that wine production lies in California. According to Wine America, California has more than 5x more wineries than the second-largest wine-producing state.

In particular, two counties in Northern California, north of San Francisco, are the center of wine production in the U.S. Known as wine country, Napa and Sonoma County are major producers of some of the world’s most renowned wines.

Napa Valley is America’s best-known wine region. Some of the best wineries on the planet are located on this large stretch of land. Because of its unique climate and large variety of natural soils native to the region, Napa Valley can produce wine entirely different from anywhere else in the world. It also has jaw-dropping scenery, with lush green farms,  flowing hills, and a mild year-round temperature.

Essentially, if you are a wine lover, Napa Valley is the ideal place to live. It is overflowing with incredible wine and refined wine culture, making it the country’s center for this classic and delicious drink. For one lucky wine lover, a new listing offers them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to move to Napa Valley and work on the creation of their own.

1984 Summit Lake Drive has hit the market, and it is a rare opportunity for those looking to enter the wine farming industry. This large property has been producing wine made by world-renowned winemaker Heidi Barrett for 24 years and is located in a small, quiet area of Napa with a population of just over 3,000. The property is also only an 8-minute drive from a private airport, making it easily accessible.

This incredible stretch of land has long been owned by the Lamborn family and is known as the Lamborn Family Vineyard in the region. Four generations of the family have farmed the area, and they’ve utilized the property for wine tours and for their own family branded wine that is renowned across the country.

The property itself is 34-acres, with eight of those acres being a dedicated vineyard that has already been planted, with the potential to add two more. With a purchase of this property, you could have 10-acres of private vineyard that is completely yours, making it more than just a home but an investment.

The property sits on Howell Mountain, one of the most storied and significant viticultural areas in the world. Howell Mountain has several unique microclimates that make it one of the most American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, in the nation.

1984 Summit Lake Drive is more than just its vineyards, though. The property has two different residences located within it, one primary residence and one secondary one. They have seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and over 5,000 square feet of living space between them. They both face towards the vineyard, overlooking the dazzling views of acres of scenic farmland.

The main residence is stylish and rustic looking. The interior is a wide-open space with high ceilings and a ton of potential for customization, and the back patio is perfect for entertaining. It stretches along the entire backside of the house and has a tiled floor and an incredible view of the region. It is an open, spacious area capable of hosting large family events.

Taking ownership of this property won’t be for everyone. This is an area with vast potential for wine creation, and the right buyer will be capable of taking advantage of all this property has to offer. With a price tag of $7,900,000, for one lucky buyer, this is a great deal. The area is massive, it is in the heart of wine country, and it is already established that this vineyard can produce incredible wine.

1984 Summit Lake Drive is a one-of-a-kind Napa Valley find. This land has many unique selling points. They include the multiple appealing residences in place, acres of cultivated vineyard with the potential for growth, and a Howell Mountain location that puts it dead center in the heart of wine country. For one wine lover, this is the find of a lifetime.