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Van life has recently become very popular, particularly with millennials over the past couple of years. This new movement has gained more followers with the instagram hashtag #Vanlife having millions of posts. This is perhaps due to the flexibility of the nomadic lifestyle. This lifestyle movement is nothing new as it was popularized in the 60s and 70s by vacationing families and hippies. Remember the old Volkswagen bus camper?

The first camper van however was created in the 1800s, it was named ‘the wanderer’ and
required two horses to pull it. Then came the motorized option, the caravan, in the 1900s which changed the way people travel and take vacations.Today many DIYers have taken over and self converted camper vans, many taking inspiration from youtube, pinterest and instagram.

This subculture has grown over the past decade. What started as an alternative to housing costs, has become an opportunity for travel and adventure. Its popularity with millennials has quickly spread to boomers and gen Xers. This surge has increased the productions of camper vans and given room to comfortable and luxury options.

There are however some disadvantages that come with the lifestyle. For instance, certain luxuries you may be used to might have to be foregone. You may not be able to take baths, shower twice a day or even once! It may also be too much of a solitary experience, no family or friends, no permanent home. Finding parking might also be a hurdle as it may be hard to find a spot to spend the night which may cause more instances of dealing with law enforcement.

You also have to deal with safety concerns more often, particularly with the van privacy and health. Since you’re living in a small space, you have to often make trips to the grocery store and supermarket due to lack of storage. Replenishing supplies, water, food etc. That and of course access to wifi may be difficult.

So why should you get a van? What’s the point…? Freedom! Getting a van offers you more freedom to do the things you’ve wanted to but couldn’t. It allows you to travel to the places you’ve always wanted to visit while still maintaining a career. It’s a particularly good option for those that work remotely. Why not respond to emails whilst facing the grand canyon, or perhaps have a break by the beach.

There’s a level of flexibility that comes with the lifestyle that you won’t find elsewhere, each day isn’t bound by the same routine. You can set your own schedule, have the time and space to do what you want and when you want. You get to be your own boss, and live according to the alignment of your dreams all whilst having the best views. Or maybe you just want a vacation? Van life could be the perfect option for your next adventure. Whether it’s by the shores of Malibu or in the Ozark mountains, there's no denial that this is a perfect way to be up close and personal with nature.

There are many comfortable van options to choose from, living on the road can also include the luxuries of a traditional home. A good example is the mercedes power station, with great features such as its high output batteries that have enough power to run air conditioning for up to eight hours whilst still powering your other gadgets.* The van also includes a queen size bed that can sleep two people.

The kitchen includes an induction stove, microwave, a table for eating, sink and refrigerator. Unlike other van options that exclude shower options, this model has an enclosed shower that includes a shower head, ceiling fan and interior fan. No need to worry about hot water thanks to the webasto heating system.The van also has rooftop solar panels. The power station is the perfect option for your upcoming camping trip.

Or maybe you want to customize your own van? There are many options and resources you can use for inspiration and for information. Websites such as gnomad home, the vanual, the van clan etc may be the best start to the van of your dreams. There are also countless accounts on instagram and youtube dedicated to nomadic living. Many old buses, school buses, trucks, RVs have been transformed into beautiful modern luxurious living spaces.

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