The Latin American Edition

The Latin American Edition is an annual digital issue targeting international regions with known pipelines and interest for Miami luxury real estate. In addition to the publication’s visibility in Miami, top markets in South America and Canada will be reached to capitalize on data and demographics indicating high relevance of luxury Miami real estate for audiences in those regions.


Device Visibility

how will people read the magazine?


Platform Visibility

what are the sources of traffic?

The Latin American Edition of Haven will reach readers via multiple platforms and devices, ensuring visibility to top tier demographics on mediums in which they’re sure to be consuming content. Utilizing search engine and social media advanced targeting, as well as diversified paid traffic strategies, this edition will drive a readership that increases the opportunity for brand visibility and potential leads. Metrics will be verifiable.



What are the readership characteristics?

250K Total Impressions
10K Viewers of Content

earn over $250K per year


are over 45 years old

net worth

net worth above $500K


Luxury living
Premium retail
Likely to move
Own premium credit cards
Real estate
Recently returned from a trip
Top 10% of net worth
Golf + tennis



Must be expensive, right?


full page


two pages


premium (1st 20)


inside front spread


front cover



Ad Submission Guidelines

High res photos and brand/advertiser verbiage are all we need to develop a beautiful, effective design.

there is no design charge.