Kitchen Design Made Simple With Kim Bailey

We chat with Kim Bailey of Kim Bailey Interiors, a storied veteran in the kitchen design industry, about navigating towards a successful remodel and how to create a fresh space with effortless changes.

The arduous undertaking of remodeling can be accomplished without the pitfalls of mismanaged expectations, project delays and unplanned costs if tackled correctly. Especially for rooms central to the home like the kitchen, staying on schedule and receiving a final product that meets your vision is key to a positive experience.

Whether you’re looking for a major kitchen rehaul, or a few minor changes, we’ve covered everything you need to know before you start your next project. So save the heat for whipping up your favorite dishes and come out cool and on top with your next kitchen renovation.

What are some of the main complaints you run into with your clients looking to renovate their kitchen and how do you go about addressing them?

Most clients are concerned about the amount of time they will be without a kitchen during the actual renovation. Working with a professional can streamline this process and ensure that the amount of downtime is limited. With the KBI process, much of the time consuming work for a kitchen renovation is done before any demo begins. We provide detailed designs drawn in CAD and 3D, finalize all material selections, and order all materials before demo begins. We also coordinate with all the trades involved to develop a comprehensive project calendar so the scope of work, cost and estimated timeline are defined before the process begins. During the actual renovation process, communication with trades and the client is key in meeting expectations and keeping everyone on schedule.

With almost 15 years in the industry, what are some of the major design shifts you’ve witnessed?

Kitchens have migrated from a utilitarian part of the home to now being the main hub of the home and the number one return on investment when remodeling. Attention to the overall design aesthetic for a kitchen is now just as important (and sometimes more important) than the function.

We see the need to incorporate feeding and storage areas for the homeowners pets being a desired feature. Technology in the home but especially in the kitchen has become a major remodel consideration. Busy families are using home delivery meal kits to cook more at home and create a cooking experience and enjoying a homemade meal together.

Almost all clients now request an eat-in kitchen area usually with counter stools or bar stools providing a more casual dining area that is now used as the primary eating area in the home. This in turn is impacting home design to only offer one “official” dining room in addition to the kitchen eating area instead of the traditional breakfast room and formal dining room.

For individuals with limited kitchen space, what are some obstacles you run into and what are a few tricks to create the illusion of a larger kitchen with it still being fully functional?

For most consumers with limited kitchen space, the main obstacle we work with is them feeling that they simply do not have enough room. As a designer, we work with our clients to inventory what is really needed in the kitchen and what is used on a daily basis. Identifying everything that is important to our homeowner and then designing a kitchen with custom cabinetry to accommodate not only the storage of the important items, but the function of where they are placed in the kitchen so the overall workflow of the kitchen is improved.

One of the best ways to create the illusion of a larger kitchen is to have adequate lighting in the space. Use paint and finish colors for your kitchen that are light and neutral because they will act as space expanders. Keeping countertops uncluttered and using cabinetry panels on large appliances, like refrigerators keeps the eye moving across the room with fewer visual disruptions and thus feels larger. Also, using the same flooring in the kitchen as what is in the adjoining rooms will also make the room feel more expansive.