In The Know: Alexander Goldstein Shares The Story Of Miles Goldstein Real Estate

A native of Golden Beach, Florida, Alexander Goldstein has propelled his company to the top of the real estate business with keen vision, sharp execution and a superfluous amount of passion – passion that sets his company a part from established big players in the real estate industry.

With humble beginnings, Goldstein launched Miles Goldstein Real Estate after honing his craft at Sotheby’s International Realty. He noticed a gap in the market in Miami for a boutique, luxury real estate brokerage firm and set out to remedy the need.

By diversifying his knowledge and pursuing a law degree to familiarize himself with business and real estate law, Goldstein was eager to understood the importance of using a legal knowledge to support his discussions with clients and client’s opposing legal council.

Upon completion of his law degree, Goldstein launched Miles Goldstein Real Estate with no clients and no properties. With a tenacious drive for success, Goldstein propelled the brokerage firm to the top of the industry in a few short years.

In both 2016, and 2017, year 1 and 2 in Business with Miles Goldstein Real Estate, Goldstein was ranked #1 in Golden Beach, one of the fastest rising luxury communities in South Florida. The extent of the swift success of the firm can also be seen in the slew of elite properties it has represented and successfully closed deals on. Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees, baseball legend Sammy Sosa, and former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, are just a few of the exclusive clients the firm has represented.

Goldstein sees the presentation of the properties he represents as vital to highlighting the impressive features of the million dollar listings. Exploiting evolving technological advances to his advantage has played a significant part in building his presence. Having identified the need for effective branding, Miles Goldstein Real Estate utilizes digital marketing to present all its listings in the most creative ways available.

For Goldstein and his team, it has been a short but wild rise to the top but it isn’t over. The future of Miles Goldstein Real Estate is limitless but full of hard work to maintain the reputation they have built and to become a legendary new breed of real estate in South Florida.