Idyllic New England Summer Getaway Towns

Few places in the United States can match the picturesque nature of New England. With beautiful coastal settings, some of the best historical sites on the continent, and an abundance of natural scenery, there is no place quite like New England.

The weather in New England  has a big impact on where tourists head. Winter is great for skiing and fall is perfect for checking out some of the best foliage in the country. In the summer, certain New England towns are perfect for a summer getaway. Let’s look at some of the best places in New England for a summer retreat.

Camden, ME

Camden is a classic New England town situated on Penobscot Bay, with the rocky coastal scenery that makes this region unique. Camden has it all: great resorts, a thriving entertainment scene centered around the Camden Opera House, a 19th-century lighthouse, and top-notch hiking in Camden Hills State Park. Its outdoor recreation and waterfront appeal makes it the ideal summer getaway.

Portland, ME

Portland is the perfect blend of a city combined with small-town New England charm. It is a bustling community on Casco Bay, famed for its great boating and delicious seafood. Portland is a historic town with an intact Victorian district with preserved homes and buildings. It also has top-notch public parks with river and mountain views. It is one of Maine’s primary tourism hubs.

Augusta, ME

Maine’s capital city is an East Coast gem, a picturesque town with several spots that tourists should circle in their guidebooks. Old Fort Western is a preserved 18th-century fort on the Kennebec River that is a national historic landmark. The Maine State Museum is a must-visit, and this town’s food and art scene are among the best in New England.

Bar Harbor, ME

One of the most incredible natural sites in the country is Maine’s Acadia National Park, and Bar Harbor serves as one of the entry points to this destination. Bar Harbor is a small town on Mount Desert Island, situated on Frenchman Bay. It has gorgeous mountain and forest trails, great boating, and pristine beaches.

Goffstown/Manchester, NH

Goffstown and Manchester are two neighboring towns in New Hampshire’s Hillsborough County. These cities form the largest urban metro area in Northern New England and makes up the state’s cultural center. There is much to see in these cities, including famed art museums, architectural marvels, and winding rivers with top-notch fishing.

Bristol, CT

Bristol is a thriving suburb near Hartford, only a few hours’ drive from Boston and New York City. Bristol has abundant New England charm with colonial-style homes and tons of public greenery. Visitors here will find much to explore, including lush forests and rolling hills, a historic downtown district with great restaurants, and some unique museums. It is a fun city with a small-town feel.

New Haven, CT

New Haven is a city in South Connecticut situated along Long Island Sound. Its picturesque waterfront setting and historic buildings give this city a timeless appeal and make it an exceptional summer getaway. Visitors can see Yale University and its many museums, along with an abundance of cultural attractions and natural beauty along the water.

Image credit: Sage Ross (Wikipedia)

Madison, CT

Madison is a community east of New Haven set on Long Island Sound. Its central waterfront location makes it one of the most popular summer destinations in Connecticut. Madison has top-notch beaches and boating and a long coastline with trails to explore. As a town first settled in the 17th century, there are many historical attractions to visit, such as the Madison Green Historic District.

Old Saybrook, CT

Old Saybrook is a quaint town along Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River. It has a classic appeal with old lighthouses and a rocky coastline, making it a postcard-worthy destination. It has everything tourists could want, including waterfront trails with jaw-dropping views, cultural attractions like the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, and interesting historical sites like the General William Hart House.