How You Can Maximize Your Home’s Air Quality

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The SONA air purifier, thoughtfully designed by the company Healthy Spaces, is constructed with state-of-the-art technology that creates superior air quality in all living spaces. Unlike many other air purification systems, the SONA air purifier boasts advanced ionization. The system provides a high volume of long-lasting ions that remove harmful toxins in the surrounding environment. High air quality is known to support respiratory and cardiac health, along with productivity and focus.

One major source of toxins that Healthy Spaces targets with their air purifier is PM2.5 (particulate matter less than or equal to 2.5 micrometers in diameter), common in any environment. These tiny particles can carry harmful substances and due to their small size can relatively easily enter the lungs and even the bloodstream. Research from established organizations, including the American Heart Association and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), suggests that higher exposure to PM2.5 is linked to increased risk of heart and respiratory issues.

SONA technology is proven to help reduce viruses, mold, mildew, particulate matter,
bacteria, smells and odors and other allergens. In fact, it creates air quality comparable to some of the cleanest environments on the globe thanks to its cleansing ions. Quality was a high priority throughout the development process. Healthy Spaces is so confident in the effectiveness and durability in their purifier that it is backed by an industry leading ten-year warranty.

Healthy Spaces’s Greater Commitment to High Air Quality

The creation of the SONA air purifier was fueled by Healthy Spaces’s deep passion for promoting health and wellbeing through good air quality. The company comprises a team of experts knowledgeable about air quality standards at both national and global levels, along with important research and third-party literature on the importance of air quality.

Healthy Spaces uniquely offers consultations, involving discussions tailored to your living and work environment and air quality. During this consultation, a Healthy Spaces expert will assess your current air quality and address any concerns you may have. The expert will advise a certification audit, which allows Healthy Spaces to sample your current air quality and identify any contaminants. Using air quality monitoring technology, the Healthy Spaces team can understand the specifics of your indoor air quality and provide the best recommendations for improvements.

To learn more, contact Healthy Spaces at (602) 613-4310 or visit their website.