How Building a Custom Home can Benefit Your Family

2023 should be a time for a recalibration for most people. People across the U.S. are seemingly putting the stress of the pandemic behind them, yet with a continuation of the great resignation and a looming recession, it feels like many are still going to be spending some extra time away from family to keep businesses running. This is causing significant stress on marriages that were already taxed. In fact, you will find many credible sources reporting that over 50% of entrepreneurs who are considered successful will face divorce because of having to invest more time and energy into their companies than into their families.

The time investment from work often causes a wedge in marriages. Irwin and Irwin is a family law firm specializing in divorce cases, and they’ve seen many high-powered businesspeoples’ relationships come undone due to the time investment their work requires. According to one of their blog posts, “Business executives often must devote large periods of time to their work, leaving less time for family. This often takes a toll on the marriage and the non-executive spouse becomes resentful.”

The good news is there is an opportunity to unsubscribe from that statistic and create a brand-new chapter that will impact you as a business leader, your family, and the people in your business. You could go to counseling and take a vacation. Or you could make a lasting and impactful change where you and your family spend most of your time: your home. Specifically, you can build a new home that you and your spouse have always dreamed of.

The Creekside Homes team

Redesigning a home comes with psychological and emotional benefits, and committing to having a custom-built home leads to an individualized space that can promote a healthier and happier lifestyle. Professional remodeling and custom home building or designing teams can help connect buyers to their dream space.

What are the top 5 things you should consider before deciding to build a new home?

  1. Have you and your spouse imagined how fun having your dream home would be?
  2. Would it be great to create a space for work that allows for more productivity?
  3. Is having a place to live and love important to your mind and body?
  4. Do you need a magical space for a growing family?
  5. Is there a need to create a space that includes a private area for an elderly loved one?

If you align with more than two of the above factors to consider, then you are definitely someone who should talk to a lifestyle artist at Creekside Homes. These consultants are experienced in designing and creating homes that are exciting, liberating, and a reflection of your hard work, which deserves reward and recognition!

The team at Creekside Homes creates stunning luxury homes and redesigned spaces in the Portland, Oregon region. Through collaboration every step of the way, they help homeowners design and implement a plan that is individually tailored to their lifestyle. The team takes a multiphase approach that can give homeowners the personalized and comfortable space they’ve been hoping for.

The recent pandemic altered many people’s perceptions of an ideal home. One shift of great significance is that many now seek to have their elderly loved ones live in their home, in a space that allows for dignity, privacy, and safety from the conditions we witnessed during the lockdowns. The Creekside Homes team has thoroughly considered this issue and is prepared to create a comfortable space for your relatives within a layout that promotes the lifestyle and atmosphere you desire for your family.

Also, COVID-19 significantly increased the number of people working from home. Creekside Homes can help you create the ultimate sanctuary office that allows you to be productive, away from stressed coworkers, and only a door away from your spouse and family. Today, working from home is more possible than ever before, and creating a comfortable space in a modern and inspiring venue is a life-changing possibility that can positively affect how you behave around your family.

Creekside Homes is committed to remaining up to date by keeping track of current lifestyle and design trends. The company embodies luxury and comfort, incorporating high-end features within a homeowner’s budget and designs to create homey, accommodating spaces.

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